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Learning at the Beach: Would a Move to the Coast Help Your Child's Education?

Have you ever been sat on the beach on your vacay and just thought, "I wish I could live here..."
While you might feel tempted to pack your bags and move to a coastal home, you probably have other responsibilities to think about. Such as the kids!
Will living on the beach affect their education for better or for worse? It may surprise you that there are MANY benefits to beach living. Read on to find out some of the beach benefits for your child's education.
Are you ready? Let's make your vacation home your permanent staycation home!
Better Mental Health for Your Children Did you know that [url=]5 million children suffer[/url] from a serious mental illness in the US? More than ever, kids are being affected by the stresses of day to day life. These illnesses affect the child's education and emotional well-being, both now and in their entire life.
To protect your child's mental health, there are many benefits of the ocean that can help. Water is long believed to have stress-reducing properties. [url=]According to data[/url], people who live near the ocean report better physical and mental health compared to those who live inland.
Your children can enjoy this peaceful state of mind which will allow them to enjoy their education to the fullest.
Great for Physical Health As mentioned in the above data, [url=]coastal living[/url] also has a positive impact on your physical health. Good health, in turn, will improve your kid's education. It's no secret that kids who are active in the body are active in the mind too.
Let's have a look at the physical benefits of the sun, sea, and salty air:
The Sun When your body's exposed to sunshine, it produces Vitamin-D. The more sun you get, the more Vitamin-D you produce. Take a look at some of the health benefits from increased Vitamin-D:
[ul][li]Improves your immune system[/li][li]Increases endorphins[/li][li]Makes your bones stronger[/li][li]Reduces inflammation in the skin[/li][/ul] Sunshine is great for the body, as long as you're smothered in sun lotion.
The Sea Way back, doctors were prescribing trips to "bathing hospitals" (the sea) in the 18th century.
And they were on the right track. Swimming in the magnesium-rich ocean can relax your muscles, hydrate your skin, and boost circulation.
The Salty Air Ocean air is good for you too. Beach living does wonders for your respiratory system and can help those with asthma, sinus pressure, and bronchitis.
The fresh air from natural beach living is a huge step away from the polluted air you breathe in city life.
Opportunities Await Natural beach living also provides many potential opportunities, both for you and the kids.
Life on the beach means tons of summertime job opportunities or [url=]volunteer work[/url] for teens. When your child is going through adolescence, they can learn valuable skills from taking on a summer job. For example, how to handle money or how to be responsible and on time.
These valuable life skills may outweigh any education they get from sitting down at a desk.
As a parent, beach living may provide you with many opportunities too. As your social circles change, others may invite you to embark on business ventures and more. Natural beach living may open up many doors for you and your family.
A Good Nights Sleep for All Another one of the amazing benefits of the ocean is a good nights sleep.
Coastal air is different from inland air. This is because coastal air is full of charged negative ions that allow the body to absorb oxygen. The result of this salty sea air is that your serotonin levels will equalize, allowing you to sleep deeply and peacefully.
Your child's education will benefit greatly from regular good nights sleep. [url=]According to studies[/url], good sleep improves problem-solving skills. It can also enhance memory performance of both children and adults.
As well as the kids enjoying a serene slumber, parents will too.
A good nights sleep for Moms and Dads is vital to good parenting. [url=]Research shows [/url]that being sleep deprived can make you more irritable towards your children. Tiredness will also cause you to lack needed discipline skills, especially with unruly teens.
Catching those zzz's is good news all round!
Time to Meditate When you face the ocean, the regular motion of the waves can relieve stress and make you feel calm. This mindfulness meditation is good for the soul. It's not surprising that in many "Mindfulness Apps" you can hear the relaxing sounds of the waves.
In fact, [url=]schools in the UK[/url] now have "Mindfulness" lessons. These 10-minute sessions allow the school children to reflect on their thoughts and control their emotions. This stress-relieving method is something that will come naturally to your kids when living next to the ocean.
Your Kids Will Enjoy Fun in the Sun As mentioned, your children's physical health will benefit from beach living. But only if they get out there and take advantage of the many opportunities they have. Here are a few examples:
[ul][li]Surfing[/li][li]Swimming[/li][li]Sailing[/li][li]Kayaking[/li][li]Fishing[/li][li]Paddleboarding[/li][li]And more...[/li][/ul] The ample opportunities your kids will enjoy can keep them fit and active all year round. [url=]Research shows[/url] that all that physical exercise can help your children to excel in their studies.
Having fun in the sun will allow your child to benefit even more from their education.
They Can Make New Friends For young kiddies, it's fairly easy to make friends. But for teens in the awkward years, it can be difficult to find friends on their level. Especially if they are stuck indoors all day playing video games.
With so many seaside activities available, heading to the beach is just too irresistible. More time outside the house means more time to make like-minded friends.
The fun experiences they have with their peers at the beach will create lasting friendships. And unforgettable memories!
Living on the Beach for the Win! It's clear as day to see that living on the beach (or at least nearby) has many amazing benefits. From mental health to a good nights sleep, your child's education will go from strength to strength.
Unfortunately, not all children in the world get the education they deserve due to poverty or difficult backgrounds. [url=]Donate towards their scholarships today[/url] and give the gift that keeps on giving!

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