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Rekindling the Art of Oratory: 7 Powerful Benefits of Public Speaking Lessons

Did you know that glossophobia is a fear of public speaking? And it affects [url=]75% of our population[/url].
If you have a fear of public speaking, you're not alone. However, if you conquer your fear, there are many benefits to it.
Public speaking might not be the art it once was, but it’s still important. Ready to up your skills? Here are the benefits of public speaking lessons.
1. Making Connections
One of the benefits of public speaking is that you will [url=]make more connections[/url] through networking. You may even meet a new friend.
When you go to public speaking meetings, events, or lessons, you may end up meeting people with the same interest as you. You never knew who you're going to meet, and you could be on the verge of meeting your new best friend or a new coworker.
After you give your speech, people may come up to you afterward and talk with you about what you just presented. This makes it easier to make friends because now you don't have to go up and approach a stranger; they normally come to you.
While talking to these people, someone may help you see your topic in a new perspective which could help you with your next speech. It also helps you make sure that you are always learning.
Even after your audience is done asking you questions, you can leave them a way to contact you in case they think of something later. This is a good way to keep in touch so you always have that connection.
2. Motivate and Inspire Others
Public speaking is a great way to inspire and motivate other people which can help you live a fulfilled life.
If you're passionate about your subject, you could potentially convince people to change their lives or break some bad habits. You could even help someone have an epiphany about their life.
When you give a public speech, you're not just telling a story or giving people facts. You should be giving a speech with passion behind it to make it more memorable.
3. Build Your Confidence
Public speaking will most definitely help build your confidence.
Having confidence can change your life, especially in your career. When you are confident in your abilities as an employee, you will feel more empowered to share new ideas and opinions and have faith in your work.
Having confidence in yourself will also contribute to your overall happiness.
If you are scared of giving a public speech and you do it anyways, this will help you feel braver and stronger. You may feel like you are more capable of dealing with any difficulties that come your way.
You may even want to conquer some of your other fears with your newfound bravery and confidence.
If you find that you actually enjoy public speaking and looking forward to giving a speech, you may find more confidence in your social skills. When you can stand in front of an audience and speak about something, talking one-on-one or in a small group becomes a lot easier.
4. Grow Your Career
You may not even realize that it can, but public speaking can actually help you advance in your chosen career field as well.
Learning how to effectively give a public speech can help you not only make connections but to also give you a platform to speak about things that are going on in your career field.
It is also a great thing to put on a resume because it shows that you have critical thinking skills, creativity, the potential to be a leader, and professionalism. These are all highly valued qualities in any job market.
5. Help Overcome Your Fears
As we mentioned briefly above, public speaking can actually help you overcome your fears as well.
Even if you're not scared of public speaking, you may notice some nervousness before you get in front of them and speak. However, the more you do it the less nervous you will be, and over time it will feel more natural.
If you are scared of public speaking, one way to get over your fear is to just give public speeches. It may be difficult at first, but over time you will find your fear slowly diminishing.
Conquering this fear is something that you can be proud of.
6. Improve Your Critical Thinking Skills
Sometimes you won't have the option to prepare a speech. When that happens, you will need to be able to think on your feet which can build your critical thinking skills.
Other times when you have a chance to write out your speech, you will need critical thinking to make sure that it is well written. And the more you do this, the stronger those skills will become.
Critical thinking requires you to consider writing a speech that is tailored to the audience. You have to think about how you're going to deliver the speech and how to make sure that you keep your audience's attention the entire time as well.
7. Improve Your Communication Skills
When you're giving a public speech, making sure that your ideas are communicated in an effective way is important.
You want the audience to resonate with what you're saying, but you also want them to understand it. If you're trying to make an argument in your speech, you need to make sure that it's well written and well thought out.
For some people, this can be the most difficult part of public speaking. It takes a lot of patience and practice for most people to be able to stand up and deliver a great speech.
Public speaking can also aid in the confidence of your writing abilities. A lot of public speakers write their speech beforehand so they know how to effectively communicate what they are saying.
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Enjoy the Benefits of Public Speaking
One of the benefits of public speaking is sharing your stories and getting involved with your community.
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