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The Key Marketing Plan for Selling Beauty Products

[img]/images/user/96258_8081703443081764838.png[/img] The beauty industry is one that is a growing multi-billion dollar industry, and has [url=]grown 4 percent[/url] in 2016 and is expected to grow even more beyond 2019. In 2016, the skin care market alone grew by 20 billion dollars, and skin care consumes 36 percent of the global market share in the beauty industry.
Hair care is the second leading growth market in the beauty industry, consuming 23 percent of the global market.
If you want a piece of that pie, discover this key marketing plan for selling beauty products today.
[b]Networking is Selling Beauty Products[/b]
Marketing is all about getting your brand in front of targeted eyes that will buy your product. Today's leading beauty companies know exactly how to do that through networking.
The more people you know, the more people will share your message, the more eyes will see your product, the more consumers you will get. That's what networking is.
Check out the numbers at this [url=]Mission and Giving[/url] site to see for yourself how networking right provides a solid return on your investment. You can use that marketing model for any product, including beauty.
Companies like L'Oreal and Revlon all started in the same place that you are – wondering who to show their product to.
Today you are going to want to do that digitally, through social networking, and connecting with like minded people. You also want to get your product in front of physical eyes and meet people at beauty conventions and conferences.
That's your first step to selling beauty products. Help them, and they help you.
[b]You Need a Why[/b]
When you are selling beauty products you need to tell your potential customers why your product is better than anything else. You need to tell them why they need it.
Nobody knew they could be a Cover Girl every day in their lives until Cover Girl told them. That's the message you want to send, that you have something unique that will enrich their lives in your beautiful way.
Tell them why. Because as L'Oreal says, they are absolutely worth it.
You want your customers to feel you've made them special and now they feel beautiful.
That "why" will have them buying, and coming back to capture that "I feel beautiful" feeling. That's why the beauty industry works in the billion dollar range.
[b]Video Marketing Works[/b]
Once you start meeting people, you want to have a message to share with them. Video marketing works, with [url=]videos increasing conversions[/url] on landing pages by 86 percent.
Use your "Why" in your video message. Tell them why your product will help them.
It is estimated that [url=]64 percent of consumers[/url] will buy after they see you using and marketing your beauty product on video.
You also want to try [url=]this marketing plan for businesses[/url] and apply it when selling beauty products.
[b]Social Media Marketing Works[/b]
Facebook advertising revenue is estimated to surpass United States print advertising revenue after 2019. That is because Facebook has 1.47 billion daily active users.
Are you selling beauty products to them yet? If not, your competition is, and they are getting a piece of that pie.
Email marketing is another form of social media marketing that provides a return on your investment of 122 percent. That is estimated to be four times higher than any other form of marketing.
Social media marketing works, and it's easier than you think.
[b]Sell Your Brand[/b]
Selling beauty products is easier than you think. Use your networking skills in person, and drive your social media campaigns and you will start seeing a solid return on your investment in this billion dollar industry.
People want your product. You just need to show them what and where it is.
Content marketing alone will give you a return on your investment that is three times the leads per dollar spent.
Build your website, and begin telling people about it, and you will soon be teaching others all about selling beauty products the right way.
Whether you are serving your business or [url=]giving back to the world[/url] with your beauty marketing, do it the digital way and you'll see a solid return.

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