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10 Excellent Plus-Size Fashion Brands You Should Check Out

[img]/images/user/96258_3189744884566347387.png[/img] [url=]68% of American women[/url] wear a size 14 or higher. Finally, designers are catching on to the fact that the real size of American women doesn't fit into a size 4 to 6 frame. As a result, there is a number of stylish plus-size fashion brands currently available on the market.
If you are looking to stay ahead of the trendiest plus size fashion, read on for our recommendation on which plus size fashion brands to be on the lookout for.
[b]What to Look for in the World of Plus-Size Fashion Brands[/b]
Before diving into our top picks for plus size fashion brands it's important to know exactly what to look for when finding a brand that suits your individual taste.
What trends work best on plus size women? The answer is every trend. The best plus size fashion brands know not to count plus size women out on the hottest fashion trends and include them in each collection they create.
The final result is a hot and bold fashion that's appealing on any type of curve.
In fact, you can check out some of the [url=]top 10 plus size fashion trends[/url] to get a better idea of what we're referring to.
[b]Pink Clove[/b]
If you're a fan of all things retro and you UK inspired, Pink Clove is the perfect plus size brand to look into.
This brand offers sizes from 16 to 32 with prices that are incredibly modest compared to most plus size retailers.
In fact, you can find top starting as low as $20 and the perfect little black dress for as low as $30.
We particularly love Pink Cloves ability to play with bold and vibrant colors and patterns that make heads turn.
[b]Mynt 1792[/b]
If you're a fan of clean styles and classic designs, you'll love Mynt 1792.
The majority of these items found in the collection are exclusively available in white or black, making them remarkably easy to incorporate into your already existing wardrobe.
You'll find that Mynt offers sizes from 12 to 26 and while they may be on the pricier side, each item tends to have an incredibly long lifespan.
Evans is passionate about creative design collaborations that bring plus size women entirely unique and noteworthy fashion pieces.
If you're one fashionista the loves to stay ahead of the game, Evans is a perfect choice. You'll find that these designs are available nowhere else.
If there's one thing we love about Eloquii it's knowing exactly how to place color blocking and designs for the most flattering and curve enhancing look.
The line currently offers items and sizes 14 to 24, with the mid-range prices on pieces that can easily stand the test of time.
We particularly recommend their vibrant tangerine pieces and neon blue hues.
If you're looking for options that send an even stronger message, you can always [url=]look into apparel[/url] that supports your favorite charity or cause.
[b]Monif C[/b]
Monif C is one designer that proves that incredibly sexy dresses can come in any size.
The brand focuses on sizes between 10 to 24 and is the perfect place to turn to when shopping for that ideal date night dress or that neck breaking special event outfit.
The cuts are perfect for the woman that wants to stand out in a room.
[b]Anna Scholz[/b]
While this option may be more on the pricey side, you'll find the pieces are unique and tailored to brilliantly enhance your careers.
From fitted dresses to satin jackets, you can find Anna Scholz pieces in sizes 12 to 24.
While the price tag may be up there, these pieces can easily be incorporated into any wardrobe with the versatility to be dressed up and dressed down at a moments notice.
[b]Fashion to Figure[/b]
Fashion to Figure is one brand that you want to get on quickly. While these wardrobe pieces are available and 1X to 3X, the collection has a tendency to sell out at a rapid-fire pace, making it important to buy what you like the moment you see it.
Not only are the sessions modern and stylish, but they also come at an incredible price.
[b]Lala Belle[/b]
If you're a woman that likes to dress with a bit of edge, you'll find that Lala Bell is the ideal choice for you.
Lala Belle is the perfect segue between Glamour and rockstar, with pieces found in sizes 10 to 22.
This is another brand that tends to be on the more expensive side but you'll find that these unique pieces are entirely worth it.
[b]ASOS Curve[/b]
ASOS Curve continues to be one of the most popular plus size fashion brands currently on the internet. The designers behind this brand offer a wide range of collections, all of which stay on trend.
The brand carries these exclusive pieces and sizes 14 to 24, and have been designed to be both comfortable and beautiful.
[b]Lane Bryant[/b]
Lane Bryant is one of the most well-known names in plus size fashion. While previously many customers found the design outdated, new designers have brought the fashions up to date with the current trends in every area from lingerie to swimwear.
You'll be able to find these pieces in sizes 14 to 32, in a reasonable price range.
[b]Giving Back Never Looked So Good[/b]
What looks even better than the most trendy plus-size fashion brands? Giving back to those who need in your community and around the globe.
The good news is, it's never been easier to make an impact and glow from the inside out. If you are looking for [url=]ways to get involved[/url] check out the many options currently available for you to volunteer your time and resources.

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