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Health Is Wealth: 7 of the Most Common Elderly Diseases (and How to Keep Them at Bay)

[img]/images/user/96258_13427380050466886900.png[/img] As you age, your body becomes more prone to common elderly diseases and you easily fall victim to them. The reason is that with age your immune system weakens.
They are able to produce less amount of T cells which your body needs to fight germs. Moreover, the immune system doesn’t react on time when your body becomes vulnerable to bacteria.
Consequently, you have already lost the battle against elderly diseases before your immune system becomes aware of the situation.
Furthermore, your bad habits at a young age are catching up to you by making you suffer from chronic diseases. Even though your body is weak, they are several preventive measures that can be adapted to prevent your body from suffering.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there is a chance that you may not suffer from diseases if you follow a [url=]healthy lifestyle[/url].
Here are some of the diseases old people get and their preventive measures.
[b][b]Chronic Heart Attack[/b][/b]
A heart attack is one of the most common elderly diseases. A person suffers from heart diseases when there is a build-up of substances such as cholesterol in the bloodstream which blocks normal blood flow.
Cholesterol and other substances from the plague in your blood vessels. These plague rupture to release cholesterol in bloodstreams. Eventually, a clot is formed where rupture occurs.
This clot will prevent oxygen and other nutrients from reaching the heart which will damage it. Another cause is that smoking and abuse of drugs causes spasm in a coronary artery which leads to blockage of blood to a heart’s part.
To decrease the risk of, prevent Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides shouldn’t be allowed to enter the arteries. You can do this by adopting a healthy lifestyle.
Have a [url=]healthy diet[/url] and do some exercise. Also, avoid taking drugs and cigarettes. Ask your loved ones to not to smoke in front of you, as passive smokers are also likely to suffer from a heart attack.
Avoid saturated and trans fat as they will encourage the buildup of cholesterol in your arteries.
[b][b]High Blood Pressure[/b][/b]
High blood pressure or Hypertension is more likely to effects more than 58 percent of individuals who are older than 65. To make matter worse, this life-threatening elderly illness doesn’t have any distinguished symptoms.
It is a condition in which the heart uses more force to supply blood to parts of the body due to blockage and other factors.
They are several reasons for high blood pressure is a high intake of salt, not taking enough sodium, stress, drinking too much alcohol, etc. High quantity of salt causes blood to retain fluids which affect the flow of blood.
Potassium is responsible for keeping salt levels in cells in check. Drinking alcohol and stress can permanently damage the heart’s wall. Avoid taking too much sodium during your meal and add potassium enriched food such as kidney beans, bananas, raisins, soybeans, etc.
Avoid taking alcohol as a solution to cope with stress. Go on a vacation and do some [url=]charity work[/url].
[b][b]Most Common Elderly Diseases: Diabetes[/b][/b]
Glucose acts as an energy source for your body organs. The pancreas produces insulin to control the blood sugar level. Insulin normalizes blood sugar level by removing glucose from the blood and storing it in the liver in the form of glycogen.
When your body requires extra energy, your liver will break down the glycogen into glucose to make your body ready to face the world. People who are above 40 are more likely to suffer from Type 2 diabetes, Your pancreas loses the ability to produce enough insulin to control the bodies sugar level.
Just because you become old, doesn’t mean you can sit idly in your home to suffer from old age diseases.
Inactivity makes your body lose the ability to utilize glucose as a form of energy. Having an active life encourages your body to lower down glucose level by using it as an energy source.
Avoid meals with high sugar levels as they will increase your blood sugar level.
Arthritis is one of the most annoying old people diseases. Arthritis is inflammation of joints and it can be divided into two categories: Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis.
Osteoarthritis causes damage to cartilage while Rheumatoid arthritis affects the lining of joints. Pain, stiffness, difficulty in movement, redness, and swelling. Obesity is the main cause of Arthritis as it put pressure on joints.
Try to lose weight by avoiding sugary snacks and doing some [url=]productive activities[/url].
[b][b]Alzheimer Disease and Dementia[/b][/b]
[url=]Alzheimer disease[/url] causes brain cells to degenerate making you lose your memory, speech skills, reasoning ability, etc. Even though the exact cause of the disease is unknown but usually the inability of brain proteins to function properly which affects the brain cells and damages neurons.
One of the main cause is a poor sleep pattern. A normal adult requires about eight hours of sleep. Moreover, select a diet plan which is enriched with fruits and vegetables. Healthy choices will improve your brain activity.
Check out this [url=]dementia care[/url] facility for more information.
As mentioned above the suppressed immune system makes it easy for bacteria and viruses to affect your body. Pneumonia is one of the most deadly diseases that can affect an elderly person. It causes inflammation of air sacs which get filled by pus and phlegm.
Symptoms such as chest pain, fatigue, fever, vomiting, etc. will become prominent. To avoid suffering from Pneumonia, get yourself vaccinated. Vaccines will provide extra protection against such disease. Moreover, try to practice good hygiene to avoid suffering from respiratory infections.
Urinary Tract Infections affect the bladder, kidneys and urinary tract. Starting from uncomfortable symptoms, these infections may become troubling if not treated. You will feel pain in the lower part of your stomach and will experience discomfort in passing urine.
High temperature, blood in urine, chills, agitation, etc. will become part of your life. Avoid soaps and talcum powder from touching your genitals. Always urinate as soon as you feel it. Try to keep your body hydrated.
[b][b]Keep Healthy[/b][/b]
To avoid suffering from common elderly diseases, try to avoid healthy lifestyles. Try to preventive measures so you can [url=]live your life[/url] to your fullest even at the age of 60.
As soon as you feel the symptoms of the diseases, contact your doctor.
Strictly follow the diet and medicine prescribed by the doctor. Enjoy your life and don’t miss out on the measures we informed you about.
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