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Getting Big Offers: 8 Things You Have to Do Before Listing Your Home for Sale

[img]/images/user/96258_18150231153759808614.png[/img] More than [url=]550,000 homes are sold[/url] every month in the United States. With so many housing options available, there's a competition to entice as many potential homebuyers as possible. In this market, slapping a [i]home for sale[/i] sign in your front yard just isn't enough.
Want to know how to get your home ready to sell? Prepping your home is the key to getting the highest price in the shortest amount of time. Here are eight things you absolutely have to do before listing your home for sale.
[b]1. Depersonalize Everything[/b]
When a home feels occupied, it's hard for homebuyers to imagine themselves living in the space. Family pictures, knick-knacks, and fridge art should all be taken down and hidden away. But depersonalizing extends beyond family imagery.
You should also hide anything that alludes to a certain hobby or lifestyle. This means that even your music and movie CDs need to be dusted off and taken away from the entertainment center.
Personal items like framed diplomas may be able to keep their place if they're used tactfully, such as to stage the home office.
[b]2. Repair the Small Things[/b]
And the big ones too, if they're serious. Every homebuyer anticipates they'll be paying for minor renovations even in the most well-kept homes. But you don't want to scare potential buyers away with glaring signs of home damage.
Patch holes in walls, repair cracks in tiles, and make sure the kitchen drawers and closet doors open gracefully.
While these are some minor repairs, you'll have to rectify larger problems if they're related to maintenance. For example, few homebuyers will want to purchase a home with a malfunctioning HVAC system.
Is your home or inherited property falling apart at the seams and in need of major repairs? It might be easier to sell your house in its current condition to a realtor. If you want to sell your home fast, [url=]read more here[/url].
[b]3. Keep It Clean[/b]
Signs of dust, filth, and dirt can tarnish the natural beauty of your home. It can also give homebuyers heed. They might think that if you were too lazy to clean your home, then you probably didn't keep up with maintenance either.
Don't give prospective buyers a reason to pass on your home. Before you list the house, everything should be dusted, mopped, and polished to perfection. Since it's prone to growing mold and gunk, this is especially true for your bathroom.
Part of cleaning is making sure there aren't unpleasant odors. If a pet is responsible, you might want to hide away most of their belongings.
Now's a good time to [url=]remove house ants[/url] and other pests that may appear in and around your home.
[b]4. Remodel the Exterior[/b]
Excellent curb appeal can hook homebuyers with a great first impression. However, a fresh exterior renovation isn't just about attracting loads of potential buyers. It's one of the best ways you can add value to your home.
Although there are no definitive statistics, one real estate broker says you can expect an ROI of [url=]at least 150%[/url] for landscaping projects.
Fertilize your yard, trim the hedges, and consider adding a quaint garden, outdoor seating area, or fountain fixture to really make your home pop.
[b]5. Add Value With Minor Renovations[/b]
But don't forget about the inside of the house as well. It can be easy to get carried away with renovation projects, but not every project adds value to your home. If you're not careful, you might just be wasting time and money with pointless renovations.
Typically, the kitchen and bathroom are the two most important selling points of any home. Focus on improving these areas to [url=]add value to your home[/url].
[b]6. Pull Out the Paint Roller[/b]
Painting is one of the cheapest ways to upgrade your home. Whether it's a fresh coat on the exterior or a new accent wall in the dining room, your hard work will go a long way.
New paint is a necessity if your home has had the same color for years. Have a yellow kitchen? That has to go. Neutral colors such as gray and beige are popular choices, as well as soft blues.
[b]7. Stage Your Home for Sale[/b]
So you've cleaned your home and stashed away your personal belongings? That's great, but you're not done yet. In such a competitive market, staging your home is a must.
This can be done with your own furniture, or you can rely on a staging specialist to get the job done. Don't have enough furniture? That's okay!
Just focus on staging the most important rooms in the house, like the kitchen, bathrooms, and living room. Of course, like most people, you probably have too much furniture.
If this is the case, you might want to rent a storage unit to stash some of the extra clutter until the house sells.
[b]8. Let There Be Light[/b]
Show off the natural light in your home. Pull the drapes back and wipe the smudges off the windows. If your home still feels a little dark, replace your lightbulbs with bright LED alternatives.
Natural light is a major selling point for homebuyers. Plus, it will accentuate your excellent staged furniture and polished floors.
[b]It's Time to List Your Home[/b]
Pat yourself on the back. After cleaning, organizing, and staging, you're ready to list your home for sale. Tap into your local market to get a good idea of what your home is worth.
You might want to consider selling your home during the off-season to reduce competition and sell for more. Or maybe you're looking to get rid of it and move as soon as possible.
Not sure when to sell your home? [url=]This article[/url] can help you maximize your profit.

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