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Famous Celebs Who Bought a House for Their Parents

[img]/images/user/96258_11032978489203611914.png[/img] When it comes to our parents, many of us tend to give them normal things as thank you. You may try a bouquet of flowers, a vacation or even a car if you’re ritzy. Celebs, however, do it unlike anybody else.
[url=]Celebrities buy things[/url] different from us. Houses are one of them, and there’s no shortage of celebs who didn’t forget their parents once they made it big.
We live through our celebrities, and we enjoy it when they show love to their parents as well.
In this list, we’ll talk about famous celebrities who bought a house for their parents. We’ll see celebrity houses and what they picked for their loved ones.
Which celeb homes do you think matches your taste? Let’s find out.
[b]1. Beyonce[/b]
One of the most well-known female celebrities who bought a home for their parents is Beyonce. Queen B in 2013 got her mom the house of her dreams in 2013. It may be from 6 years ago, but it’s exquisite up to this day.
The 31-year-old queen of pop got an extravagant 6 bedroom, 16 bathroom home for her mom. It’s in Houston, TX, in the city where she grew up in. Among many celeb homes, Beyonce got this house from Piney Point village in Houston.
The original asking price for these celebrities houses come at 20 million 3 years ago. All of this went down to a final price of 5.9 Million, which is still a luxurious abode to give to her mom.
The entire property is a marvel as well. It’s a 25,000 square feet house, sitting on two acres of land. It has everything the Knowles family would ever need, from a private screening room to jacuzzis, and ornate French-Italian architecture.
[b]2. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson[/b]
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is one of the highest paid superstars out there. He’s also ultra humble and well-grounded, which makes him a great, even among many famous celebrities. He also got his mom her own home.
The Rock recounted back before they have celeb homes, jumping from apartment to apartment and becoming something akin to gypsies. With his earnings from great movies like Fast and Furious, Jumanji, and other projects, he got Mrs. Johnson the celeb comes she deserves.
Ata Johnson, who The Rock credits for all her sacrifices as he grew up, got a new house for Christmas of 2018. While we don’t have specifics on one of these celeb homes so far, it likely has everything. It may even have insurance, where you can [url=]learn more[/url] about here.
[b]3. Taylor Swift[/b]
Taylor Swift is one of the richest female celebrities right now, and her hard work in 2011 went towards getting her parents a new home. She was so swanky, as a matter of fact, that she bought them new celebrities houses twice in the same year.
In 2011, the Grammy Award-winning singer got her parents, Scott and Andrea, a new home for $1.25 million. It was in their home state in Tennessee, which was beautiful and rustic estate. Many famous celebrities stop there, but not Tay Tay.
In the same year, she got them another one of the celeb homes we love. This time, it’s at $2.5 million 5,600 square foot estate called the Northumberland Estate. It has 4 bedrooms, 4.5 baths and famous celebrities like Nicole Kidman as neighbors.
[b]4. Rihanna[/b]
Female celebrities love giving something back to their parents, and the big names are no exception. Rihanna revealed that she got her mom a nice new home in Barbados. This would’ve been another one of many celebrity homes if not for the price tag.
The house value? A whopping $22 million. Rihanna herself is worth 90 million, according to sources.
The RnB superstar bought the 10,000 square foot pad, which is near the luxurious 5-star Sandy Lane Hotel. The exclusive locale features 5 en-suite bedrooms with private terraces and dressing rooms. It’s complete with a pool that runs to the beach as well.
[b]5. Demi Lovato[/b]
Celebrities’ houses are expensive mega-homes. The ones that they buy for their parents are gorgeous as well. Another one of many female celebrities who got new homes for their parents is Demi Lovato.
While many girls buy themselves expensive gifts during their 18th birthday, Lovato got her parents their own real estate. The singer/actress procured a beautiful [url=]Spanish-style home[/url] in Sherman Oaks, in the heart of San Fernando Valley, LA.
There’s not much info on the property itself, other than it’s in a very affluent neighborhood. The price tag is a solid $2.25 million and she got it in 2010. While she has rented out her Laurel Canyon residence, she continues to keep the Sherman Oaks property for her and her parents.
[b]6. Venus Williams[/b]
Venus Williams is not only a tennis superstar and part of women’s tennis’ most dominant sister pair. She’s also one of the many female celebrities who got their parents a home. It’s not brand new, but it’s as extravagant as ever.
The WTA #9 Venus Williams gave her mom her [url=]original home[/url] in Jupiter, Florida. The 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom home was at $310,000 back in 2000, and gained value over the years. She gifted the 2,804 square foot property for a mere $10.
It’s obvious this is a gift, with the $10 there for legal purposes. Sure, it’s not the most expensive of celeb homes out there, but it’s still super big by our standards.
You can [url=]give to others[/url] as well, like volunteering. It’s not a million dollar mansion to your parents, but it’s the same value to those in need.
[b]Inspire Yourself with Celebs Who Bought a House for Their Parents[/b]
When we talk about celebrities who bought a house for their parents, it’s not about the price tag. Houses are hard to come by, and these beautiful estates are an inspiration. They’re beautiful, and everybody wants one as well.
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