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4 Tips for Selecting the Ideal Thumb Rings for Women

[img]/images/user/96258_1946788529384765812.png[/img] Before it was a purveyor of fashion hipness and individual style, the thumb ring had a more practical purpose. Dating back to the Shang dynasty in 1240 B.C. China, the thumb ring was [url=]used for archery[/url] and called an "archer's thumb ring." It protected the archer's thumb and it held the string of the bow with a slot.
Today, unless you're shooting arrows (because archers still use archer rings), the only thing thumb rings are protecting are your fabulous sense of cool and panache and your personality. Yes, thumb rings for women are an ideal way to to add a fashionable twist to your overall look.
But how to pick the ideal thumb ring, you ask?
To help you do just that, we've put together four tips to help. Keep reading for ideas on sizing and styles. Then go out and find the ring or rings for you.
[b]1. Go Up One Size[/b]
Grab a ring sizer to find your ring size. Then go up one size for the thumb ring. With the thumb ring, you have to go over the big knuckle on your thumb. Luckily, then you have space under your knuckle for it to move around. Thumb rings are more comfortable if loose.
[b]2. Consider Your Hands[/b]
Always choose a style of thumb ring that makes you feel awesome when you wear it because you think it looks fabulous. But also lean into proportions.
For big and long hands, you can go for the big, bold, loud styles. Wide rings look good with length.
For small and slender hands, keep your ring small. Think balance. Small stones can make your thumb look wider.
For a wide thumb, go for wide stones or designs. Think clusters of stones. A narrow or small stone will make your thumb look wider. Narrow and slender bands will make your thumb look longer.
If your thumb knuckle is big, go for a big, chunky ring that'll draw the eye away from the knuckle and onto the ring.
[b]3. Consider All Your Options[/b]
Just because the style of your thumb ring used to show off your profession or military rank and was only worn by men and had a particular look doesn't mean you're at all limited with the style of your fashion fabulous thumb ring if you're a woman choosing today. And there are so many styles you can wear on your fifth digit.
Thin stackables are nice. We particularly like a chevron stack of three with small sparkles as it gives an elegant look and the chevron elongates your digit. Adjustable, thin-metal rings and cuffs are great for comfort [i]and[/i] style.
Other styles we like are swirls, simple bands, chevrons with small colorful stones, antique styles, ring and chain, birthstone cuts, and even the [url=]Irish Claddagh style[/url].
Have fun as you [url=]learn more[/url] about all the options.
[b]4. Stick With Your Personal Style[/b]
The best way to pick a ring is to peruse your options and try the [url=]styles that pop[/url] out at you. Thumb rings make a big statement so you want it to express your personality or mood.
Also, let your thumb ring stand alone on your hand so it doesn't have to compete with other rings. Keep it balanced with your outfit. Either match it outright or wear a simple ring with a loud outfit and vice-versa.
[b]Peruse Thumb Rings for Women[/b]
Now that you have a few simple tips on picking thumb rings for women, you're set to start perusing and trying your options. Remember to stick with your style or try something new that stands out. Your bar is that it should make you feel awesome when you wear it.
If you're looking for a gift, think about giving a gift certificate for a ring or other products. Like with a thumb ring, get creative and [url=]be open-minded when you buy[/url] gifts with different options like our gifts that change lives. Not [i]that's[/i] cool!

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