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How to Remodel Your Bedroom on a Tight Budget

The average person spends[url=] 26 years of their life sleeping[/url]. Which means the atmosphere in which you spend a decent chunk of your life, should be one that's beautiful, serene, and welcoming. The good news is you can remodel your bedroom on virtually any type of budget.
If you're looking for ways to stretch your dollars while redesigning your bedroom, read on for our top tips on how to make it happen.
What to Consider Before Starting to Remodel Your Bedroom Before diving into these important tips, there are a few things you should consider to help the remodel process go more smoothly.
For example, you may decide that you want a specific theme to run throughout the design and details of your bedroom. Some people love a vintage European look while others lean more towards [url=]modern bedroom ideas[/url].
You may also to decide that your bedroom will be a place not only for sleeping, but for private quiet time and work as well.
The more clear you can get on how you visualize your bedroom, the easier it will be to find the accessories and items that will help you complete the look.
Finding the Right Bedroom Furniture If you have perused the furniture sections of popular furniture design stores, chances are you've found the shocking price tag accompanying your favorite pieces.
However, you'll find that a number of your favorite pieces can be refurbished from existing and used furniture or done yourself.
A quick browse on Pinterest can show you countless do-it-yourself bed frames that make it easier than ever to achieve the look you left at half the price.
Checking out thrift stores, and looking for great deals online are also ways to find dreamy bedroom furniture that fits any budget.
You'll also find there are some simple details that can make even the cheapest furniture look high-end.
You can upcycle classic items, like vintage suitcases used for tasteful nightstands with a timeless boho feel.
You can even incorporate old, weathered doors as headboard pieces to make your bedrooms statement pieces.
Choosing the Right Color Theme One of the most affordable ways to instantly update the look of your room is by finding the right color theme to tie everything together.
Remember you want your bedroom to have a tranquil and relaxed atmosphere, not one that will keep you up all night.
Which is why many individuals tend to lean towards calming blues, warm yellows, or tasteful pinks for a look that is fresh and charming.
In the event that you're renting your space or simply don't want to commit painting your walls, you can always look into removable wallpaper that features intricate and bold designs.
Choosing the Right Lighting You don't have to invest thousands of dollars on a high-end light structure to bring some tasteful lighting to your bedroom.
In fact, simple and stylish floor lands are a great way to add some extra lighting to your room while staying within your theme.
If you're looking for extra warmth, you can always go for vintage bulb string lights they can easily be draped over furniture.
Applying Lacquer to Furniture Pieces. If you don't want to invest in new or even DIY furniture, you can always upgrade the furniture you currently have by adding a dark lacquer to your pre-existing pieces.
Bookshelves and dressers work particularly well with this technique because they create a splash of color that draws the eye in the right way.
Choose One Strong Statement Pieces Often you can make your budget stretch even farther by choosing one quality statement piece and building around it with smaller, less formal details.
You can choose chandeliers, oversized posters, or even a luxurious armchair to help give the feeling that everything in your bedroom cost just as much as that item.
Create a Decadent Space for Me Time If your room is big enough, be sure to carve out an intimate and relaxing space for you to enjoy some "me time".
This can be a corner with the just a desk making it easy to work, a window seat for some cozy reading, or a simple floor set up that's [url=]ideal for meditation[/url].
Consider what activity you would like to enjoy in this area the most and use that as your inspiration on what you include.
Add the Right Personal Touches to Make it Yours Finally, the perfect way to draw together all of your design inspiration is by adding some personal touches that make the room feel more like you.
For example, you can order concert posters from some of your favorite artist or [url=]concert memories[/url].
Have an oversized coffee table photo book featuring your favorite photographer, or even mount your surfboard on the wall as a tasteful way to display your favorite hobbies.
What to Do With All of the Money You Save Now that you've learned how to remodel your bedroom while still staying on budget, chances are you'll have a bit of extra cash to put to good use.
How about putting your extra change towards a good cause that will benefit both you and others? You can do this by donating to one of the countless causes and projects working to make a better tomorrow for everyone.
If you're not sure how to go about making an impactful donation, check out our [url=]donate now page[/url] for more information on how to get started.

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