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How to Heal Your Gut: 6 Foods to Eat for a Healthier Stomach and Better Digestion

Going with your gut isn't just about intuition. It's something all of us need to take care of. Maintaining good gut health is essential for healthy digestion and keeping an overall healthy body.
Not only is a happy gut key to a well-functioning body, but it also has an [url=]impact on your mood[/url] and mental health. When your gut leaves you feeling uncomfortable and even in pain, it's sure to bring you down and [url=]impact your emotional health[/url].
The food we eat has a huge impact on the way our gut functions and digests. If you want to learn how to heal your gut, read on for six of the best foods you should eat.
[b]1. Kombucha[/b]
Kombucha has become increasingly trendy in recent years, and you're sure to find it in your nearest coffee shop or health food store. But it's not just a hipster drink – there's a lot more to it.
Kombucha is essentially a fermented tea drink that is rich in good bacteria, cultures, and probiotics that help keep your gut healthy. They work together to move things along and keep your digestive system functioning.
In fact, kombucha can also help to [url=]heal stomach ulcers[/url]! It's pretty much a wonder-drink that has a lot of beneficial properties. You can even learn how to [url=]make it yourself[/url] if you want to.
[b]2. Nuts and Seeds[/b]
Nuts and seeds are packed with fiber that helps your gut digest foods easier. There are lots of different kinds of nuts and seeds you should be eating, including raw nuts like peanuts and almonds.
Some seeds can also have a huge impact on your digestive system and overall gut health. Chia seeds are full of fiber and have strong probiotic properties to provide healthy bacteria. Mimosa pudica seeds can also aid gut and immune health as well as having many other health benefits.
Dr. Todd Watts says in this article ([url=][/url]) that mimosa pudica is rich in antioxidants, which help minimize damage to cells. Ditch the potato chips and opt for these instead!
[b]3. Lots of Fruits and Veggies[/b]
Lots of food in modern Western diets are packed with additives and preservatives that aren't natural. They can have a serious impact on our bodies as our digestive systems struggle to process them. The best foods to eat are always fruits and vegetables.
These foods are natural and help keep your body healthy, strong, and running smoothly. They help to cleanse the gut and keep your immune system and digestive system healthy.
Try to avoid trans fats and artificial sweeteners as much as possible and cut them out of your diet if you can. They will only irritate your gut and can lead to much bigger problems down the line.
[b]4. Oatmeal[/b]
Oatmeal is a great addition to any diet and provides the gut with a huge source of soluble fiber. Soluble fiber helps your digestive system to stay running and helps to prevent constipation and other digestive issues.
Whole grain foods, in general, are much better for the gut than processed foods as they are easier to digest and process. A simple change you can make is to swap out white bread for brown, and white rice for brown rice. They will also leave you feeling fuller for longer and provide a slow release of energy throughout the day.
Eating oatmeal on a regular basis can also help prevent high cholesterol and stomach ulcers. Try having it for breakfast with a handful of fruits and berries – it's a delicious and filling way to start the day!
[b]5. Ginger[/b]
Ginger is often hailed as a food that can reduce nausea and help to improve the digestive process. It's often recommended for pregnant women who suffer from morning sickness and often works like a charm.
So, how does it work? This root is fantastic for good gut health as it helps to move along the gastric process and prevent backups in your intestines. This process includes moving food contents from your stomach into the small intestine.
When everything moves along smoothly like this, it prevents gut problems as well as reducing heartburn and general nausea.
[b]6. Salmon[/b]
Salmon isn't just a tasty fish, it's also fantastic for your gut health! Salmon is absolutely packed with healthy omega-3 fatty acids that can reduce inflammation throughout your whole body. This includes your gut too.
People who are intolerant to some foods, have an inflammatory bowel disease, or any other range of digestive issues, can greatly benefit from adding more salmon to their diet.
Reducing the inflammation in the gut means that the digestion process is made much easier and keeps your gut healthy. Other fish dishes that are full of omega-3 fatty acids include mackerel and sardines, so if you aren't a fan of salmon, these will help too.
[b]Now You Know How to Heal Your Gut[/b]
If you want to ensure that your gut is as healthy as it can be, now you know how to heal your gut through food. Food has a huge impact on our bodies and eating the right foods will help your guy stay healthy.
There are lots of problems that can afflict our guts and it can lead to massive health issues down the line. By simply eating the right foods, you can prevent most of these issues from ever occurring.
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