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7 Apps to Help You Organize Your Busy Family Calendar

In almost [url=]half of two-parent households[/url] in the US, both parents work full time.
That means holding down regular work hours as well as your children's schedule. And let's not forget grocery shopping, keeping the home in order, and any free time you might have for yourself.
A family calendar can help you organize all of those activities. Thanks to technology, a family calendar app gives you a more efficient option than the old fashioned wipe board.
We've gone through them all and below we offer you the best 7 calendar apps out there.
Choosing an App to Organize Your Family Calendar Before you choose an app that fits your families needs, you need to figure out what those needs are. Not all apps are created equal, and some are geared toward and better suited to specific tasks.
For example, do you need help managing everybody's household chores or something to organize the busy schedules of all members of the family? Maybe you need an app that helps you co-parent? Or maybe you just need to find ways to make time for your own exercise routine - which is very important, according to [url=]this article[/url].
Depending on what's causing the need for an organization family app, you can choose one more efficiently by knowing these stressors in advance.
You should also consider choosing something relatively kid-friendly. These days, kids are well acquainted with using apps and tablets. With an easy to use and understand the app, you can get your kids involved in interacting with an app at an early age.
The 7 Best Family Apps Once you have a good idea of your families needs, choose from one or a combination of the 7 best apps to get your organized and more efficient.
1. FamilyWall FamilyWall is a secure app that protects your privacy and the things you share on it. You can share photos, events, and to-do lists without worrying that anybody else can access that information.
It features a shared color-coded calendar that makes tracking events and activities easy. There's also a chat function and real-time GPS locator so you know where your family members are at all times.
[b]2. Google Calendar[/b] Google Calendar is a widely used calendar application that's available on all platforms - making it easy to access from just about anywhere. In fact, it has [url=]500 million installations[/url] at last count. It's completely free and all you need is a registered Google emails address to get it.
This app is extremely easy to use. It's a color-coded calendar that's shared among family members. You can use color-coding to split up tasks, program events, and set reminders. And if you set yourself as the administrator, you can set the permissions for even more control over your family calendar.
3. [b]ChoreMonster[/b] Only available on Android phones, ChoreMonster is the perfect app for the family that divides the chores around the home. Its goal is to get your kids excited about doing their chores.
You can create a calendar and split up the chores among the family members. As the chores are ticked off the to-do list by your kids, they earn points. The more points they earn, the more monster rewards they get.
Getting your son or daughter to take the garbage out will be a whole lot easier with the motivation of rewards behind them. ChoreMonster encourages them to [url=]get involved[/url].
[b]4. Picniic[/b] Like many of the other family apps on our list, Picniic features a shared family calendar. You can use this for sharing to-do lists, shopping lists, events, and set reminders for activities. There's also a GPS tracking function, so you know where everybody is.
But what sets this app apart is its ability to store important documents. There's an info locker where you can put emergency documents, medical information, or insurance information. In the case anything were to happen while these items aren't around, they're easily stored and accessed on the app.
5. [b]Lala Breakfast [/b] When your household is always on the run, eating a healthy and well-balanced diet can be difficult. But Lala Breakfast helps with meal planning so you can ensure your family is eating right.
Better yet, your kids can be involved in the planning. The app gives them the space to share what kind of foods they'd like and create a shopping list so you can keep what they like most in mind when planning your meals.
[b]6. Fantastical 2[/b] Some people are too busy to write up to-do lists and activities in their family calendar app. If you don't ever have more than an extra minute to organize, then Fantastical 2 makes updating the calendar far easier. You can create events and reminders using just your voice, and from there, they're easily shareable.
7. Our Family Wizard The divorce rate in the US is [url=]3.2 per 1,000 people[/url] in the population. Although the rate has declined since the 1980s, there's still a fair share of divorced parents that are co-parenting their children.
And co-parenting isn't always easy. That's why Our Family Wizard was designed to help you overcome the challenges of co-parenting and joint custody issues. Beyond the blog contained in the app that offers tons of helpful information for parents in this situation, the app has many features designed to make co-parenting your children easier.
In this app, you can manage shared expenses and even track child support payments. You can share documents, reports, and other banking information. If you ever need to, you can share the account with third parties such as grandparents, lawyers, and judges.
One of the best features of this app is the Tone Meter in the chat function. This meter checks for emotionally-charged language in your messages before you send them. And you can limit your kids' access so they can see their calendar but not your communications.
Is Your Family Doing the Most With Their Time? A family calendar app is a great way to sync your calendars, divide tasks, and organize all of the activities that you and your family participate in. But they don't stop there, there are also apps specifically for organizing chores and managing meals. There are even family apps for co-parenting your children in a healthy way.
And of all the things you do with your family, do any of them involve giving back? We have lots of opportunities for you to do so. Learn more about [url=]our community here[/url].

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