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15 Birthday Presents That Say You are Special

Your girlfriend or wife's birthday is coming up soon, and you're stumped as to what to get her. Whether you feel like you've done it all already or you feel you're not creative enough, it doesn't hurt to get outside help so you make sure you make this year's birthday a special one.
Here are 15 ideas for unique birthday presents so you won't be in the dog house this year.
[b]1. Purchase a New Makeup Set[/b]
Since makeup can be an everyday thing your partner uses, it may not occur to you that this could be an excellent birthday gift idea. Even if she uses drugstore brands, costs can quickly add up. Treat her to a gorgeous new makeup set for her birthday this year so she can experiment even more with her makeup skills.
If you don't feel confident in picking out a makeup set yourself, you can ask the makeup artists in the store to help you out. If you don't want to go that route, pick up a gift certificate and bring your girlfriend to the store so you can pick one out together.
[b]2. Give Her a Birthday Bouquet[/b]
[url=]Birthday flower bouquets[/url] are always lovely to receive. Make note of her favorite flowers and get her the biggest bouquet you can afford!
This gift will not only bring cheerfulness and color to the home, but it'll also last a while. This can give her a daily reminder of how much you love her.
[b]3. Treat Her to a Relaxing Spa Day[/b]
Whether your partner is a housewife or a working woman, she's bound to have some stress that she's carrying around on her shoulders. If the two of you have kids, she can suffer from burnout, especially if she doesn't have a lot of alone time.
Give her a day off and send her away to a relaxing spa day. Show her you can hold down the fort while she gets a well deserved day to herself.
This spa day will give your wife a good chance to relax, unwind, and recharge. She'll come back to you as a new woman, which can improve your relationship.
[b]4. Buy Her a New Handbag[/b]
If your spouse is a fashionista and loves brand names, you can't go wrong here. There's no such thing as too many handbags, after all.
With names like Coach, Louis Vuitton, and Channel, you have plenty of options to choose from. If you already know her favorite brand, then you're set! These bags can be pricey, so it'll be an exceptional present to give her this year.
[b]5. Donate to a Good Cause in Her Name[/b]
Some people don't enjoy getting presents for their birthdays, and that's ok. It may make gift giving a bit harder, but that just means whatever you choose, it'll be more unique and special to them.
If your wife doesn't want presents this year, consider [url=]donating to a good cause[/url] in her name. This is a trend that's popular with people who want money to go towards good causes, and it's sure to make your partner happy.
Some organizations even offer certificates, so if you have that option, put it in a nice envelope and give it to her to open on her birthday.
[b]6. Give Her Some Scented Candles[/b]
Scented candles can be a nice addition to the home, especially if your girlfriend spends a lot of time indoors. Not only can scented candles provide a welcoming smell in the home, but it can also provide romantic lighting if you want to have a date at home.
Candles come in a wide variety of scents, so even if your partner already has some, she can always use more. Some of them even come in whimsical holders, such as a teacup, so you're sure to find something that'll be different from what she already has.
[b]7. Get Some Good Wine to Give Her[/b]
If your loved one likes to drink wine, then she's definitely going to like this gift. She may be used to the cheaper bottles of wine since she's on a budget. So go all out and give her a more expensive bottle to mark the occasion.
Since there are so many types of wines out there, it may help to do some research before you drop a decent amount of money on a bottle or two. You'll have a better chance of impressing her if you've found a wine with the perfect notes she likes.
[b]8. Gift Her Some Video Games[/b]
For the geek in your life, she can always use some more video games in her collection. While some games can be bought in stores, others can be bought online. All you have to do is put the money down and give her the code on her birthday so she can redeem it.
Take a look at the [url=]best games of 2018[/url] to get a good idea of the hits. You may have heard her mention that she's interested in a game; if it's on this list, then you're good to go!
[b]9. Find a Nice Skincare Set[/b]
If your spouse is really into her skincare routine, she'll have spent a significant amount on it. Take some of the financial burden off of her by purchasing a nice skincare set for her.
While a skincare set can cost upwards of $100, the good thing is, they last a while. So your present will be useful long after her birthday's come and gone.
[b]10. Give Her Some Elegant Jewelry[/b]
A good piece of jewelry will last a lifetime so this can be something your wife can treasure for the rest of her life. While brand names can be nice to gift, you don't necessarily have to go with a well-known designer.
There are plenty of talented artists out there who create beautiful works of art. By purchasing from them, not only are you getting a unique piece, but you're also supporting independent artists.
[b]11. Sign up for Volunteer Work Together[/b]
This is another good idea for people who don't like to receive gifts. Look for a cause your partner's passionate about and sign up for [url=]volunteer work[/url] together.
When you go to your volunteer session, it can be a great and romantic bonding experience. She'll appreciate that you understand what's important to her and that you support her in it.
[b]12. Gift Her an Assorted Tea Set[/b]
Tea enthusiasts are always on the lookout for new types of tea to try and add to their list. If your wife doesn't like alcohol and prefers tea instead, an assorted tea set can be a thoughtful gift.
Some tea sets come with a full tea set that includes teacups and teapots so it can be a huge present if you find the right set. She'll have all the right things to set out on the table when she has guests over.
[b]13. Gather up Her Favorite Sweets[/b]
Everyone has their guilty pleasure of nibbling on chocolate and candy every once in a while, and your loved one is no exception. If she has a few favorite sweets, round them up and put them in a beautiful box. It's sure to please her when she opens it up!
Dark chocolate has a number of [url=]health benefits[/url], so if your girlfriend or wife likes it, gifting her dark chocolate can be a thoughtful gift. Not only is it showing her that you know what she likes, but it also shows that you care about her well-being.
[b]14. Treat Her to a Shopping Spree[/b]
Genuinely stumped on what to get her and aren't feeling any of the things on our list? Then take your wife or girlfriend on a shopping spree!
Clear your schedules and plan for a day at the mall where she can shop to her heart's content. You can even throw in a romantic meal at the end of the day.
[b]15. Surprise Her with a Getaway[/b]
If you've always talked about getting away with your wife to some exotic destination, now's the time to do it! Both of you are probably stressed and a little bored with daily life, so surprise her with a getaway!
Of course, if she works at an office, you may want to check in with her boss first to make sure the dates you've chosen are ok for her to take off. You'll also want to make arrangements for any pets or children so your wife doesn't have to deal with that.
[b]Choose Amazing Birthday Presents for That Special Someone[/b]
Now that you have some creative and fun ideas for birthday presents, there's no excuse for giving that special someone in your life something lame this year. Get started early so you won't be scrambling on the day of her birthday for lackluster gifts. Make this year one to remember!
If you'd like to make a donation in your loved one's name now, then check out the [url=]available grassroots project[/url]s that need funding now.

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