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Vinyl Windows Vs Aluminum Windows - Pros and Cons of Both

[img]/images/user/96258_6334110611359745174.png[/img] The global windows and doors market was worth [url=]$190 billion in 2017[/url]. The growing industry has led consumers to debate over vinyl windows vs aluminum ones. While each has its pros and cons, they all serve the purpose of illuminating your home.
Whether you're building a new house or doing repairs, you'll be looking for windows. The world is full of expanding solutions, and comparing vinyl windows vs aluminum may prove demanding. If you live in a place with extreme temperatures, the performance of each type is of the essence.
Here, we look at the qualities of vinyl windows vs aluminum ones. You'll be in a better position to decide once you finish reading. Stay with us.
[b]Comparison of Vinyl Windows vs Aluminum[/b]
The difference between vinyl and aluminum windows is the material used. Vinyl windows have a framing made from an advanced polymer, also known as PVC. PVC is among the most commonly used polymers in the world in transportation, construction, and medical devices.
Aluminum windows were more commonly used in houses built long after World War II. They have gained momentum in modern houses, but they’re not ideal for every home. Some aluminum windows are not purely aluminum framed but wood clad in aluminum.
[b]Advantages of Vinyl Windows[/b]
If you want windows that support lower energy costs, consider buying vinyl options. Their benefits include:
[ul][li]They don’t fade in sunlight[/li] [li]Affordable[/li] [li]Energy-efficient[/li] [li]Easy to install[/li] [li]Increase resale value[/li] [li]Can be painted[/li] [/ul]Vinyl windows also have a curb appeal which increases the [url=]value of your home[/url].
Even though vinyl windows area great, they also have some cons.
[ul][li]They’re prone to warping, contracting, and expanding[/li] [li]The frame provides little insulation[/li] [li]Not biodegradable[/li] [/ul]The advantages of vinyl windows far outweigh the disadvantages. Consider installing them for a more chic look.
[b]Advantages of Aluminum Windows[/b]
The biggest advantage of this window is that it's light but very strong. Others include:
[ul][li]They’re durable[/li] [li]Protective of your windows[/li] [li]Available in different sizes and styles[/li] [li]Environmentally friendly[/li] [li]Improve insulation[/li] [li]Increase resale value[/li] [/ul]Aluminum windows look thinner, giving your home a more modern look.
Aluminum also has several cons, including a high U-value because it conducts and loses heat easily. This makes it less energy efficient. Other cons include:
[ul][li]Expensive[/li] [li]Can’t be painted[/li] [li]Allows the heat to penetrate[/li] [li]Corrode due to condensation[/li] [/ul]It’s unfortunate that aluminum windows tend to corrode. You may have to think of replacement with time after you install them.
[b]Features of Vinyl Windows vs Aluminum[/b]
You can only make the best decision between vinyl windows vs aluminum if you know their characteristics. Here are some specific ones.
[b]1. Appearance[/b]
Aluminum windows provide your home with an excellent modern look. They look more attractive because of the thinner frame. However, the metallic finish is not as beautiful as the vinyl windows.
Due to weather changes, aluminum can easily succumb to damage over the years. This may call for replacement of the frame if the appearance disappoints you.
Vinyl windows, on the other hand, have a join line at each of the corners. This may look unappealing to some homeowners. The frames are also thicker and plainer than those of aluminum windows because of the material that makes them.
[b]2. Energy Efficiency[/b]
Vinyl windows have gained more popularity because they’re more energy-efficient than aluminum. When investing in new windows, you’ll realize more cost savings if you install vinyl windows. Its design makes it reduce any heat transfer and limits light penetration through the window.
Overall, vinyl windows are more effective in regulating internal home temperatures. Ultimately, this makes your HVAC work less and reduces your energy bills.
Aluminum windows are not energy-efficient to the level of vinyl ones. They are heat conductors and make a room heat up fast while allowing heat to penetrate through the windows. This way, the HVAC works harder to make your room cool.
Whichever type of window you choose, ensure they’re properly installed. Poor installation will reduce the [url=]energy-efficiency of the windows[/url].
[b]3. Installation[/b]
Vinyl is a material that contracts and expands quickly. Its flexibility allows for simple and faster installation than with aluminum windows. If you buy the vinyl without it being already set, it’ll have to be placed into the frame after installation of the windows.
Aluminum windows are more difficult to install and time-consuming since they lack flexibility. If any of the measurements are wrong, the [url=]replacement windows[/url] may not install correctly. After installation, use caulk to secure the windows in place.
[b]4. Noise Insulation[/b]
If you’re looking for windows that can stop noise effectively, go for the aluminum ones. While they may not block out all sound, they do a better job than vinyl ones. They're the right choice if you live near busy streets or loud areas.
[b]5. Durability and Maintenance[/b]
The downside of vinyl is that it gives in to extreme weather changes. The changes will leave it warped, distorted, or stretched. On the other side, they're not subject to corrosion like their aluminum counterparts.
Aluminum windows are more durable as they don’t bend, expand, or twist even in extreme temperatures. Aluminum is among the most robust materials in the market, why many homeowners prefer them. Unfortunately, they corrode when exposed to too much condensation.
In matters maintenance, vinyl is low maintenance. However, they require caulking to prevent too much airflow around them. Repair of damaged vinyl is also easy.
Aluminum windows are also easy to maintain. The care they need is around the track and runners of the window. Clean them regularly, or it will become impossible to open and close the windows.
[b]Which Option Is Best for You?[/b]
Choosing your windows calls for the consideration of many factors. In the market today are vinyl windows vs aluminum ones. Each type has a set of advantages and disadvantages.
If you've window problems, read this post on how fixing them [url=]can grow your home value[/url].

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