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Sold! 10 Awesome Ideas for Auction Items for Your Charity Fundraiser

Did you know that middle-class earners are now giving less to charity, while donations from [url=]higher-income supporters[/url] are surging?
That's right - and it means that now is the perfect time to put on a charity auction with some seriously sought-after prizes.
Forget auction items that attendees could buy anywhere, and make a real effort to source items and experiences that are [i]only[/i] available at your auction. This way, you'll have a better chance of sparking some lucrative bidding battles.
Low on inspiration? Can't work out what people want?
We've got you.
Choose any item from the list below and you're guaranteed to do well.
1. All-Inclusive Trip Research shows that [url=]millennials value experiences[/url] over physical objects, so if you're expecting young bidders at your auction then an all-inclusive trip to an interesting place is a great item to include.
Let's be honest, who doesn't love going on vacation?
You could offer a stay at a ski resort near Christmas, a tropical cruise, or an idyllic beach getaway.
Be sure to show off plenty of pictures, list the activities that are included, and note all the amenities of the hotel and accommodation included. If you want to go all-out, include first-class plane tickets and luxury hotel suites.
2. Dinner Cooked by Local Chef Will there be lots of local people attending your auction? Are you raising funds for a local charity?
If so, having some prizes which are unique to your town is a smart move.
You could offer a private dinner cooked by a top local chef - either in the restaurant or at the home of the winner.
If you want something a little more unique, you could offer cooking classes or a food tour instead.
Choosing a chef who's already a bit of a local celebrity means you're guaranteed to get some great bids. Give out taster nibbles as a fun incentive while people bid on this item!
3. Behind-the-Scenes Museum Tour Night at the museum, anyone?
A behind-the-scenes tour of a local attraction is something bidders won't be able to get anywhere else. Be sure to talk up the exclusive nature of the tour, and highlight specific exhibits that can't usually be viewed by the general public.
This should appeal to bidders young and old, so consider making it a family ticket for four or five people.
4. Signed Memorabilia Got connections to a popular local celebrity or sportsperson?
Having them sign a piece of memorabilia for your auction is a great way to generate buzz - and plenty of cash.
Most celebs are more than happy to contribute items like this for good causes. If you advertise in advance then you might even get some superfans at your auction - and they'll be willing to [url=]donate big bucks[/url].
5. Hot Air Balloon Ride Who could pass up the opportunity to soar above their town in a giant balloon?
Hopefully not your bidders!
Hot air balloon rides are a classic and always go down well at charity events. To add extra interest, look into having a rare or unique balloon arranged for the flight - maybe one with a really cool locally-inspired design.
Make sure the experience is for two or more people - most won't want to fly alone!
6. Skydiving Experience This one won't be for the faint-hearted bidders out there, but it should get the thrill-seekers in the audience excited.
Since sponsored skydiving is a popular fundraising activity, there's a good chance you already have connections to a local skydiving company.
Ask if they can donate the experience for free, and be sure to show off videos from previous skydives. This helps get bidders excited about what they could win.
7. Food Hampers Not every local business will be able to make a massive donation for your auction, so putting together hampers made up of smaller donations is a good idea.
Food always goes down well, and you could create various different themed hampers. For example, local cuisine, holiday special, vegetarian, and more.
The following items often do well in hampers:
[ul][li]Tea and coffee[/li] [li]Chocolate and sweets[/li] [li]Pickles and chutneys[/li] [li]Cookies[/li] [li]Beer and wine[/li] [/ul]Again, have a few tasters available to whet the audience's appetite.
8. Fancy Knife Set Know an awesome kitchen shop that sells the [url=]best cheap steak knives [/url]in your area?
Ask if they'd be willing to donate one or two big-ticket items, like luxury knife blocks.
Kitchen items always go down well at events like this and you can be certain that everyone will have a use for them.
If there's a set that's hard to get hold of or has recently been discontinued, see if you can get hold of that. People are more likely to bid on something they can't buy anywhere else.
This is a great item to combine with 'experience' type prizes, like fancy dinners and cooking classes.
9. Backstage Concert Passes Got a cool concert venue nearby?
If you can get hold of a couple of backstage passes to an upcoming gig, you're onto a winner. Fans will bid high for the chance to meet their favorite stars, and it's a great item to highlight in your promotional materials.
Again, try and grab tickets in pairs, as this is an experience that's more fun with a friend.
10. Wine Tasting Experience Wine tasting days are always guaranteed to go down well at charity auctions.
If you live in an area that's famed for wine production, then picking a local vineyard makes sense. If not, you could add this experience to a travel prize, which should attract much higher bids.
Have some local wines available for testing during your auction dinner.
How to Choose the Right Charity Auction Items The best charity auction items can't be found anywhere else. Experiences are great, but throw in a few physical prizes, like hampers, as well.
Try and choose items with a local connection if you fundraising for a local charity - it makes people more likely to bid generously.
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