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Apps for Kids: Family Friendly Apps For Child Entertainment

Did you know that in the first quarter of 2018 an average of [url=]over 6,000 mobile apps[/url] were released on a daily basis?
With this many apps released it's no surprise that more parents are at their wit's end looking for kid-friendly apps nowadays. Long gone are the days of just a couple hundred apps to sort through.
If you have been looking for apps to entertain your children without risky business keeping reading for the best apps for kids that are family friendly.
Family Friendly Apps For Kids When choosing which apps your children can use it's important to do your research to avoid intrusive apps such as the ones from [url=]this IT company[/url]. The last thing anyone needs is having their security put at risk because of a phone app. Not all apps are created equal and [url=]not all of them are educational[/url] either.
This list will ensure you don't put your kids or your family at risk while they are playing on their tablets or your phone.
1. Endless Alphabet This is a perfect app for your little one if they are learning the alphabet. It's an educational app that will help your kids learn while they are having a blast. Every word has an interactive puzzle game with letters that talk.
This game also won an award in 2013 from Apple for [url=]the Best of 2013[/url] in their app store.
2. Little Digits This app helps kids learn their numbers and [url=]learn how to count[/url]. When the screen is touched the app chirps the number based on the fingers that touch the screen. Your kids will learn to associate their fingers with the number.
In addition to learning their numbers, there are also small addition and subtraction calculations to help your kids start learning basic arithmetic while they have fun.
3. Namoo This is a great app to educate your kids about [url=]plant life[/url] while they have fun. It has a mix of interactive 3D simulations that are encyclopedia inspired. Kids can learn all sorts of fun science facts which means that the next time they step foot outdoors they will more than likely recognize something new they learned thanks to Namoo.
The app currently has nine different chapters:
[ul][li]Roots[/li][li]Root tips[/li][li]Lead anatomy[/li][li]Plant cells[/li][li]Photosynthesis[/li][li]Flowers[/li][li]Fruits[/li][li]Trunks[/li][li]Stems[/li][/ul] You might find the interactive and immersive learning from this app as interesting as your children do.
4. Tynker This app [url=]teaches kids how to code[/url] through solving puzzles. Your children will be able to build games, build interactive animations, fly drones, build arcades, and control robots, to name a few neat things your kid can do.
If at any point your child is stuck there are over 60 interactive tutorials to help them learn. It's good to add that this particular app has won numerous awards making many parent's top pick in apps.
A few awards worth mentioning include the Parents' Choice Gold Award, the Academics' Choice Award, and the Award of Excellence from Strictly Mobile. This gives you an idea of why Tynker was featured by Google in the Education realm.
5. Nancy Drew Codes & Clues This educational app is also great to teach kids basic coding. The app is a game and it has your child find clues and [url=]code their robot puppy[/url].
Kids will learn reading and critical thinking skills while they find the next clue in order to solve the mystery. The game is free to download and the first chapter is free to try. If you want your child to play the rest of the game it requires a one time purchase and then your child can play unlimited.
6. Rosetta Stone Kids Lingo Letter Sounds This is the perfect app to help your child learn [url=]how to read and speak[/url]. If you have a preschooler this is the app to help them prepare for school and build their language confidence in reading.
As a bonus, this app also explores some Spanish vocabulary which in today's world it doesn't hurt to be bilingual.
7. Super Why! This is another app that has won numerous awards. If you're familiar with the PBS Kids show Super Why this is where this app came from. Kids can play along with the main characters from the original television show and they practice their alphabet, spelling, writing, reading, and rhyming.
[url=]Kids earn stickers[/url] as they progress and they can make their own storybook sticker pages with the stickers that they collect.
8. DNA Play This fun app allows your child to create their own monsters and transform them by tweaking their DNA. This introduces the concept of DNA with an entertaining app that has over 200 billion unique life forms they can create. They will start with a basic unformed figure and by completing the gene puzzles they will have a fully grown torso, face, and limbs.
This app will have your child's creative wheels spinning and will peak their science interest.
Happy Downloading! As you can see from the list above there are safe apps for kids available for you to download. It can be overwhelming with thousands of new apps in app stores every day but thanks to app developers like the ones mentioned above you can have peace of mind that you can find educational and fun games for your child.
If you love helping children and want to help a child get a better education you can check out how you can make a difference in a child's life today by giving them the [url=]gift that keeps on giving[/url].

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