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Why You Should Buy a Pizza Stone for Your Kitchen

[url=]93% of Americans[/url] have eaten pizza in the last month. Yep, we sure love our pizza.
But did you know that you can get the same restaurant quality pizza at home? Read on to learn the benefits of a pizza stone.
[b]How a Pizza Stone Work? [/b]
So what is a pizza stone, anyway? A pizza stone is sometimes called a cooking stone.
Basically, it is a thick, flat piece of natural stone. Stone is a natural conductor and holds in heat. A pizza stone also has a lot more thermal mass than a thin baking sheet or pizza pan.
That means that a pizza stone transfers steady heat to the food you're cooking. The result is an evenly cooked pizza with a crispy bottom.
You put your pizza stone in a cold oven. This is important to [url=]prevent the stone from cracking[/url].
Then as you preheat your oven, the pizza stone warms up too. Then it is ready to start cooking your pizza the moment it lands on the stone.
[b]Benefits of a Pizza Stone [/b]
There are many things a pizza stone can do that a baking sheet just can't compete with.
For one thing, a pizza stone has a porous surface. That means that a heated pizza stone can draw out moisture from the pizza dough as it cooks.
No more undercooked, doughy wet pizza. Also, because you preheat your oven with the pizza stone inside, it puffs up the crust for a nice special touch.
Most people put their pizza on a cold baking sheet. Even ones with holes to allow more air flow can't compare with a pizza stone.
So if you're wondering, "why do I need a pizza stone," the answer is you don't. Unless you love professional-quality pizza that tastes like it came out of a New York brick oven pizzeria.
Heck, you might even be inspired to [url=]develop a business strategy[/url] to sell your amazing pizzas!
Another benefit of a pizza stone is that you can use it to warm up other food, not just pizza. Because of the stone's heat holding properties, you can put your bread, meat, veggies or tortillas on a low oven (180ºF) to warm up.
You can keep your side dishes warm in the oven without drying them out on a pizza stone. Then you can concentrate on the main dish or setting the table.
[b]It's Easy to Clean [/b]
Another perk of the cooking stone is that it is so easy to clean. All you do is let the stone cool completely in the oven.
Then, once it's cooled down, use a spatula or dough scraper to remove any bits that are stuck on. Rinse with water without any soap.
That's it! Easy as that. Leave it in the oven until next time or in your cabinet.
[b] You Can Use It on the BBQ [/b]
One of the best things about a pizza stone is that you can use it to BBQ pizza on your grill.
Who doesn't want a smoky, scent-sational pizza on the BBQ to enjoy a warm evening out back?
A few toppings, dough and the [url=]best pizza stone for gas grill[/url] and you've got a pizza party! We guarantee it will become a weekly event in your home when the weather's nice.
You may have heard that you can make pizza and cook it directly on the grill. But those recipes result in a dense and thick dough. It's not the nice, thin-crust perfection that you can get with a pizza stone.
Plus, thicker crusts mean that you fill up faster. So you'll only be able to sample one or two types of pizzas. Thinner crusts cooked on a pizza stone let you enjoy a slice of lots of different types of pizzas without feeling bloated.
All you do is preheat the BBQ with the stone on. Place the pizza on the stone with a spatula. grill for around 10 minutes or until the outer edges are golden brown.
Then you get to enjoy professional-quality pizza right in your backyard.
[b]Non-Pizza Foods You Can Cook on a Pizza Stone[/b]
A cooking stone is good for more than just pizza and warming up foods in the oven.
In fact, there's a whole list of foods you can cook on a pizza stone. All of which taste better because of the many pizza stone benefits we've already covered.
Here are just a few things you can try on your cooking stone.
[b]Whole Chicken [/b]
What could be better than a whole roast chicken for dinner? The crispy flavorful skin is the best part. A cooking stone helps you achieve a perfectly crisp outer layer with little effort.
Just turn on the over, season your chicken and place it right on the stone. Feel free to surround the chicken with veggies. Less than an hour later, you've got the best roast chicken ever.
[b]Roots & Veggies [/b]
What a perfect pairing for your whole chicken. Of course, you can have these on their own.
The best thing about cooking veggies on a pizza stone is that they taste like a blend between grilled and pan-roasted veggies. Just the right amount of char. Except with less work.
Again, just plop your veggies right on the warm cooking stone. If you're cooking a whole chicken, add the vegetables about halfway through. That way your whole meal finishes cooking at the same time.
Easy peasy.
[b]Homemade Bread [/b]
A perfectly golden crust and a light and fluffy, warm middle. That's the pleasure of enjoying homemade bread.
A loaf of bread cooks perfectly on a pizza stone. You'll enjoy the crunchy crust without sacrificing the texture of the inside. Try it.
[b]Final Thoughts [/b]
Thanks for reading. We hope we've convinced you that a pizza stone is a must-have for your kitchen.
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