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Popular Companies That Give Back in a Big Way

Not all big companies keep every penny for themselves. Lots of them find ways to give back and help the world around them. And that's something we'd like to celebrate.
If you're interested in reading about popular companies that give back, this article is for you.
Popular Companies That Give Back From the world titans to the smaller national companies, there are good things to celebrate. In our world, there is a lot of negativity that gets the spotlight, and although those things should be addressed, it is nice to see the good things people are doing too!
Google Probably the biggest or at least most known company on the block.
Google is everywhere and communicates with everything we use from phones, cars, computers, to even things like the fridge (smart fridges).
Every year, [url=]Google' Program[/url] donates around $100,000,000.
One Hundred Million. DANG.
On top of that, they serve over 80,000 collective volunteer hours and give away 1 Billion dollars in product.
Google Dot Org also assists in crisis and disaster relief across the that's something we can get behind.
Microsoft Another major player in the business world.
The [url=]Microsoft Corporate Philanthropy Program[/url] is about getting future tech everywhere. Not just in America or other first world countries.
Their goal is to boost other companies opportunities by outfitting them with the same technological advancements we use every day.
This can have its ups and downs, but if people have hearts in the right place then we're hoping the world will benefit.
State Street’s Corporate Citizenship Program State Street helps out those less fortunate.
They step in and help people learn the necessary skills for success.
Through their giving, they partner with nonprofits to help put people through college, find work in the world, and training for future opportunities.
Chevron Chevron has something called the [url=]Corporate Social Responsibility Program[/url], and their goal is to help the worlds water, food, and opportunity crisis.
In recent years alone, the company has already given back 2 billion dollars worth to help other communities in need.
They have a plan to focus on better education globally as well.
This is pretty cool from an energy company like they're giving the world power beyond powering buildings and vessels.
Amazon Through the Amazon Smile Program, the company gives back on every purchase you or your company makes.
This is pretty cool for when you're shopping the [url=]Amazon best seller ranking list[/url] and you see something you love. Not only will it be cool for you but in a way, it's helping others!
CVS Pharmacy Through CVS, the CVS Health Foundation helps put students through pharmacy school.
Kinda their thing, if you ask us.
They also come alongside families that work for them to assist in putting kids through college. Not just pharmacy students!
With college prices being outrageous, this is a great way for companies to give back.
Disney Disney does a lot.
And a lot of their negative actions get the limelight.
But the cooperation does like to spread joy and happiness, and aside from movies and characters and fun stories, they know there are real tangible needs out there.
One way they tackle those is by supplying education programs all over the world with books. This may seem like a minor thing compared to a computer or phone, but a book is solely a book.
It can't get used to harvest data or monitor the users -- it's a book.
So, this is something worth celebrating.
Disney also gives to nonprofits to help the communities they serve. This is their way of pouring into an already established organization that's making an impact.
Best Buy Not to juke you and throw a tech company in now, but there are cool things done by [url=]The Best Buy Foundation[/url].
People do need tech. Whether it's laptops or headphones or chargers, technology gets used every day.
The Best Buy Foundation partners with national organizations to help get these tools to the people who need them.
Teradata [url=]Teradata’s Community Relations Program[/url] is one that stands out.
They focus on enriching the community and practicing everyday kindness.
Their goal is to help improve people's lives each and every day, not just through one grant or charitable donation.
Although they do give those too.
We think it's cool that they host a Celebration of Caring Awards to honor those who have cared for those around them.
Verizon Wireless We may hate paying the phone bill, but the company does have it's hand in cultural change and improvement.
The Verizon Wireless Foundation seeks to tackle social issues, especially when it's pertaining to education, health, or how energy gets managed.
What they offer is by invitation, but they non-profits and organizations to reach out and contact them.
Southwest Airlines Southwest saw a need and decided to do something about it. Through the Southwest Airlines Medical Transportation Grant Program, the company has given over 40,000 free flights to people in need.
They work through hospitals and medical organizations to find and give the flights as needed.
When you think about it, this is a great way for a major company to use its MO to help others. And that's something to celebrate.
Walmart Although there has been some contention about them, Walmart does do a lot of giving.
Over a billion dollars annually...
Non-profits and organizations can contact them for assistance and Walmart may award grants from $250-$2500.
That's a lot of grants when you rack it up to a billion...
Albertsons [url=]The Albertsons Grant Program[/url] focuses on helping hunger crisis, people with disabilities, education, and more through what's called The Safeway Foundation.
They award between $10,000 to $25,000 and do six-month audits to see where the money went.
This one is our final note because it's a reminder that people give, and check up on giving.
Although there has been corruption within major companies in the past, there are still good people trying to do good things.
More Giving We hope this read on popular companies and their giving means has been a little inspiring and encouraging.
If you're looking for more articles on giving, head on over to [url=]our blog[/url] where we post tons of content. If you have something you'd like to share or want to say hi, feel free to reach out and [url=]contact us[/url].
Go make the world a better place!

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