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What is the Best Tea to Drink? These 7 Teas Offer the Most Health Benefits

Tired of the negative effects of coffee? Looking to switch to something a little more subtle? If so, you should consider tea.
Tea offers the same primary effect as coffee, ultimately helping its drinkers to become alert and awake in just a short amount of time. However, it doesn't stop there. When drank consistently, tea can actually have a seismic positive impact on your overall health.
Interested in taking up tea? Wondering which teas are the most beneficial? Then keep on reading because we're going to review the best tea existing on the market today!
What is the Best Tea? There is no shortage of teas available, each of which provides something in the way of benefits. However, the most beneficial of these teas are the ones reviewed below.
1. Hibiscus Tea A pink-colored liquid with a slightly sour taste, hibiscus tea is made from the flowers of the hibiscus plant. Not only does it provide an inviting taste, but a handful of health benefits as well.
The primary health benefit of hibiscus tea is its ability to lower blood pressure. This makes it a beneficial drink for those suffering from hypertension.
However, it's also shown to be effective in combating viruses, making it a great drink to consume during flu season. A natural stress reliever, it can help to set your mind at ease before the start of and at the end of a long day.
Make note, however, that hibiscus tea is not a great choice for those using diuretics. Diuretics and hibiscus do not play nice together inside of the body.
2. Chamomile Tea Possessing a yellow-orange color and a fruity taste, chamomile tea is best known for its sedation qualities. It works terrifically as a sleep aid as well as an anxiety reliever. However, it has [url=]other health benefits[/url] as well.
In addition to acting as a sleep aid, chamomile also helps to relieve the effects of depression. Not to mention, it has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities.
You'll also find that chamomile is useful in the regulation of insulin, blood lipids, and blood glucose. In other words, it's beneficial for those who suffer from diabetes.
A great tea to drink at the end of a long day, it will put you to sleep fast and allow you to wake up refreshed.
3. Rose Hip Tea Made from roses, rose hip tea possesses an orange-red appearance and a tart-ish taste. Loaded with antioxidants and Vitamin C, it possesses top-notch anti-inflammatory qualities. This makes it a beneficial beverage for those with chronic arthritis.
It's also believed to be beneficial in the regulation of body weight. This is because it speeds up the metabolism, helping the body to burn more calories than it otherwise would.
Finally, rose hip tea offers anti-aging benefits to the skin. Those who drink it on a regular basis report smoother, more elastic, and more hydrated skin than what they had before they began drinking it.
4. Ginger Tea If you're looking for a tea that's more spicy than sweet, you might consider ginger tea. A golden-yellow tea derived from ginger root, it's known for being high in antioxidants.
This tea not only staves off inflammation but also strengthens the immune system. Renowned for its anti-nausea capabilities, it's often drunk by pregnant women. In addition, it's also an effective beverage for those with chronic motion sickness.
Suffer from stomach issues? Ginger tea can help in that department as well, reducing the effects of stomach ulcers and lowering the risk of constipation.
It's also believed that ginger can be used to regulate insulin, blood sugar, and blood lipids. This makes it effective for those with diabetes.
5. Ginseng Tea Used medically by the Chinese for thousands of years, ginseng tea is one of the most effective teas available. Containing plenty of antioxidants, it's highly beneficial in fighting off inflammation. Due to its bitter taste, it's often mixed with other beverages, such as milk and honey.
In addition, it helps promote brain health, strengthen the immune system, reduce anxiety, and improve energy levels. There is even some evidence to suggest that it combats erectile dysfunction.
Like many teas, it's also thought to be beneficial for diabetes sufferers. This is because it's believed to lower blood sugar and regulate insulin.
6. Ashitaba Tea A yellow tea made from the Japanese ashitaba plant, ashitaba tea possesses a bitter but bearable taste. For this reason, it's typically mixed in with other liquid beverages, including but not limited to honey and milk.
A natural immune system reinforcer, it helps the body to fight off viruses. It's also been shown to have positive benefits on the heart, reducing both cholesterol and blood pressure levels.
Plus, it acts as a pain reliever, not only for physical pain but for mental pain as well. This makes it a terrific choice for depressed, anxious, and chronically sore individuals.
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7. Passionflower Tea A grassy tasting and mild tea, passionflower tea is made from the leaves of passionflower plants. A sedating tea, it's often drunk before bedtime as a means of falling asleep.
In addition to this, it also works terrifically as an anxiety reliever. Plus, it has shown efficacy in the treatment of drug withdrawal symptoms. In particular, it seems to relieve aggression and agitation.
In essence, if you're looking for a tea that will set you at ease and help you fall asleep at the end of a long day, passionflower tea is a solid option.
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