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5 of the Most Famous Celebrities with Drug Problems

It may not surprise you that there are celebrities with drug problems.
Alcohol and drug addiction effects every [url=]two out of three[/url] American families. It's no wonder that some of your favorite celebrities have struggled with addiction either in the past or the present.
Keep reading for some of the most famous celebrity addicts.
A Closer Look at Celebrities with Drug Problems There are many celebrities who have battled with drugs and alcohol throughout the years. Let's take a closer look at five of our favorite people.
Drew Barrymore Drew Barrymore was at the tender age of seven when she appeared in Steven Spielberg's [i]E.T.[/i] [i]the Extra-Terrestrial.[/i]
She continued to have starring roles in movies and began using drugs at the age of 12, becoming a notorious celebrity drug addict in her teens.
Fortunately for her, she spent some time in rehab and was able to get her life back on track. She is now a successful adult actress and continues to live a life without addiction.
Lindsay Lohan Perhaps one of the most public celebrity drug addicts is Lindsay Lohan.
Lohan started out with drinking alcohol, but when that wasn't enough she began [url=]snorting cocaine[/url] and drinking at parties. This combination led to her having many run-ins with the law resulting in multiple arrests.
One of these arrests landed her a court-ordered stint at a lock-down facility, just one of her many stays at a celebrity rehab. Finally through these treatments she was able to get the help she needs and is on the path to living her life drug and alcohol-free.
Zac Efron At a young age, Zac Efron rose to fame after his appearance in [i]High School Musical[/i].
The young actor struggled with his newfound fame and turned to [url=]alcohol and drugs[/url] to handle the stress and emotions. Efron checked himself into celebrity rehab not once, but twice, hoping to get the help he needed to overcome his addiction.
Fortunately through therapy he was able to overcome his addiction problem and now has a daily routine which includes workouts at the gym and a set bedtime.
Demi Lovato Demi Lovato started drinking and using drugs when she was a teenage star on the Disney Channel.
Her drinking got progressively worse and she was struggling to maintain relationships with sober friends and partners. Finally, things came to a head and her good friend Nick Jonas stepped in and helped Lovato realize she had a real problem.
After spending three months in a celebrity rehab, Lovato has been very open with the public and speaking out about her struggles with alcohol in the hopes of raising awareness and [url=]helping others[/url].
Daniel Radcliffe In 2011, the Harry Potter franchise was coming to an end, and Daniel Radcliffe wrestled with the knowledge that a major part of his life was ending.
He didn't know how he would cope without his most famous role of playing Harry Potter, and the stability of filming. He also knew he would miss seeing the people that he had been around for most of his life, the cast and crew. He turned to alcohol initially to deal with the chaos surrounding the Harry Potter fandom and then leaned on drinking to handle the emotional loss of the role.
Luckily this celebrity alcoholic was able to realize that he didn't like how he felt physically anymore and put himself on a path to sobriety with the help of an [url=]alcohol rehab[/url] center.
Surprising Similarities One thing these celebrities with drug problems all have in common is they all started struggling with addiction after being in the public eye at a young age.
Another thing they have in common is a strong support system and the encouragement to seek treatment at a celebrity rehab center.
Did you know that you can also have a personal impact helping someone with an addiction in your own community? Visit our page to learn more on how you can [url=]get involved[/url] and start making a difference today.

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