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Behind the Scenes of a Private Investigator

Modern day media depicts private investigators as cloaks and daggers, and while they are stealthy, thorough, and intriguing, there’s more to private investigators than what meets the eye. Many of these professionals have a detailed background in military, law enforcement, or loss prevention. Many private investigators typically work on cases that involve infidelity, insurance fraud, identity theft, missing persons, and corporate malpractices. In any case they take on, private investigators use every resource available to them to bring justice to their clients. Let’s take a look behind the scenes of a private investigator:
[b]Undercover is their favorite kind of work: [/b]To truly obtain all the information they need to help their clients solve their cases, many private investigators find it necessary to go undercover. This is especially true when private investigators are hired for cases that are related to corporate or business fraud. Many investigators will pose as a new employee in an attempt to obtain as much information as possible. They are able to go in and see with their own eyes what’s going on within a business.
[b]They create fake social media accounts: [/b]Private investigators will go many lengths to ensure that their cases are solved to their best ability. This may even mean creating fake social media accounts for additional intel. In fact, most private investigators have a few different fake accounts to appeal to all friend types. Private investigators find that social media is a gold mine for useful information since many consumers tend to document their entire life on their profiles. Using their fake social accounts, private investigators have been able to locate where a certain suspect lives, what they drive, where they work, etc. These are things that prove to be very helpful when dealing with missing persons cases.
[b]They are pros at following suspects in cars: [/b]Ever wondered how to follow someone in a car without getting noticed? Well, private investigators certainly have a knack for it. In fact, almost all private investigators use two cars and two drivers when following someone. This way, the individual being followed isn’t seeing the same car behind him/her.
[b]Yes, they have informants:[/b] Just as modern TV depicts it, private investigators do use informants to help them along with a case. And if they don’t have informants at the ready, they can be pretty persuasive in convincing associates of the suspect. When certain aspects of a case get too tricky for the PI to get involved without raising suspicions, they’ll use their informants to obtain better information.
Behind the scenes, private investigators have many tools and skills that allow them to provide clients with the best results. From locating a missing person to discovering which employee is committing fraud in the workplace, private investigators are there to solve the trickiest of cases.
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This post was written by [url=]Specialized Investigation Consultants[/url]. Specialized Investigations Consultants is a professional Miami-based investigation company founded, owned and operated by current and retired law enforcement professionals. Our Miami-based investigations business serves all of South Florida with over 100 years of combined State, Federal and Local law enforcement experience.

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