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How to choose the best dress for the occasion?

The [url=][b]ivory flower girl dresses[/b][/url] are chosen by the bride among friends, relatives (sisters and cousins), co-workers and sisters-in-law, as long as they are unmarried. Their task of supporting the bride begins before marriage, as they generally attend the choice of their friend's dress, organize the bachelorette party and, if necessary, help the bride with the final preparations for the ceremony.
[b]A little review of the bride’s maid’s etiquette is necessary:[/b]
You should never choose more than eight people, because a higher number is only indicated in royal weddings. If the bridesmaids are few, maximum three, they will enter the church in single file just before the bride. If they are more and equal, they will proceed in pairs of two.
The Damsel of Honor will have the task of managing the entrance, any pages and small bridesmaids. It will be his job to prepare a small emergency kit. If the bride takes care of the purchase of her bridesmaids dress then she will choose color (usually in line with the color of the outfit and flowers) and the model; otherwise the bride can propose at least the color leaving freedom on the model. The etiquette advises not to discuss the color, but simply to accept it willingly; if you do not like the color, always look for a dialogue with the bride and as a last resort choose a simpler and more suitable model for you.
[b]What to do?[/b]
In this regard, what are the most suitable colors, patterns and styles for a wedding? Here are some tips for choosing the right bridesmaid dress. Although many celebrities wore just a white dress while they were bridesmaids, it is best to avoid this color. White is granted exclusively to the bride, she is the only protagonist of the day.
You can count on a great choice of colors for [url=][b]cheap flower girl dresses[/b][/url]- pastel colors are perfect for daytime ceremonies. Very elegant lavender , peach , sky blue , sage green , cream , coral , mauve , champagne or mint, perfect for a more rural ceremony. For more elegant ceremonies, darker colors like caramel, Royal blue or Navy, orchid, Burgundy red or dark gray are also indicated. Although the color is more classic and appropriate you can also choose a printed dress, as long as it is a print not too exaggerated. Not recommended the mix of more than two colors for the outfit; in this way you will avoid the Harlequin effect.
Do not be afraid to use a little imagination: to enliven your bridesmaids a little, choose clothes with different shades of the same color. Divide clothes by pair with different gradations depending on the two bridesmaids.

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