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Do You Possess the Right Age for Botox Treatment

Patients generally want to know when is the right time to start getting the Botox. It is the question that the cosmetic surgeon cannot able to provide a definite answer. The normal age to do the Botox treatment is above 18 years; however, the perfect time to have Botox mainly depends upon you.
[b]The Lines of Aging on the Forehead[/b]
Some of the patients want to have the Botox treatment when the lines and the creases on the forehead remain visible even when the skin is relaxed. It means that the person is not squinting, frowning, or laughing, but the lines are seen between the eyes and the temple region of the face. For some of the people, the lines are prominent in the mid-20s. However, in others, the lines start to show in the late 30s.
[b]The Preventive Measures with Botox[/b]
The Botox can help in preventing the lines on the forehead, mainly among the individuals who squint a lot or they have the reason to realise that they will develop the lines in future due to the genetics factor. Some individuals develop two vertical lines in the centre of the forehead. The Botox helps in relaxing the muscles that causes the expression lines in the skin. It largely depends upon the patient’s choices when she or he will choose the Botox treatment. The Botox injection can start at an early age of 25 years. The sooner you will start taking Botox injection, the sooner you can prevent the wrinkles.
[b]Change in Skin Colour and Sun Damage[/b]
The decision to get the Botox depends upon the skin colour of the patient and the amount of sun damage. The Caucasian skin requires the Botox treatment at an earlier age, mainly when the patient spends too much time under the sun. In these cases, the Botox can be very useful when the patient is in her mid-30s. The candidates who have darker skin can wait for a little more time to have the Botox injection.
[b]Know More about the Botox Treatment[/b]
It is one of the most common types of non-surgical treatments today. This injection helps to treat the frown lines, worry lines and the crow’s feet. The Botox is injected in micro doses that temporarily weaken the muscular movement, reducing the facial wrinkles and improve the facial expressions. The treatment itself is painless and but if you apply a topical cream before the treatment on the area, you cannot able to feel the numbness. After the treatment is done, the patient can experience swelling and redness, but they can subside within few hours or at least within 1 day. You can able to see the effect of the result within 1 week after the treatment. The final result will last for 4-5 months after the injection.
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