• Eat fast fat increases the risk four times

    Eat fast fat increases the risk four times, that is really?Eat voracious attention! Japan's Okayama University for 1396 college students conducted a three-year follow-up survey found that 38 college students are overweight. Further comparative analysis of the results showed that students eat too fast, which turned out to be dangerous fat 4.4 times other students. More people did not expect is that eating too fast than eating greasy foods or overeating more likely to cause weight gain. [img]/images/user/15477_4283294503061326363.jpg[/img]
  • Beautiful Landscape

    Sometimes the most beautiful landscape around us, a tree, a flower a Bodhi pieces can also be turned into a beautiful picture, at the apex and slowly walk through! Take a look at those who walk through the apex of the tree flowers and tree![url=]more[/url] Enjoy so many beautiful flowers and trees landscape trees What feelings do you have? When a tree flowers open!
  • Authorized Moncler

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