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October 2017 Update from Neema

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[font=Verdana]When we last updated Neema’s situation, she had learned that her semester grade level did not reach her secondary school’s academic requirements and that she would have to transfer to vocational school. So, she enrolled in St. Francis Vocational School, located in Usa River.[/font] Neema’s most recent report card showed that she had achieved an average grade for the semester of a “B” and had placed 13th in her class of 85 students. Neema is currently doing field which is a key requirement at all vocational schools and oftentimes results in an offer of employment upon completion of the assignment and her vocational studies. We are hopeful that with Neema’s attitude and work ethic she will receive a job offer and a solid career ahead of her.
Thank you to Givology supporters for helping make Neema’s continuing education possible and saving her from a forced marriage at the age 14.

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