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Abaarso School hopes to fund a sixth grade female student to attend Abaarso for free. Pending the project's success, Abaarso hopes to encourage more female students to take Abaarso's entry examination and to give all young children a chance for education regardless of their situation.

Abaarso School, based in Somaliland, nurtures the academic, intellectual, and character development of promising Somali boys and girls, so they can effectively and ethically advance their society. While only in its 6th year and having just graduated 2 classes, Abaarso broke a several decade drought in Somalian education when its students earned scholarships to continue their education in the US and other developed nations. Abaarso now has 45 students studying on scholarship at schools that include MIT, Amherst, Georgetown, and Carnegie Melon. Abaarso students have earned nearly $10 million in scholarships and financial aid vs. approximately $2 million that donors have spent on the school.


Abaarso has been in Somaliland for 6 years during which time it has produced results not seen in Somaliland for several decades. Accordingly, numerous Somali families now scrape together whatever they possibly can to pay Abaarso's $1,800/year tuition. The Somali clan system makes this achievable even in seemingly unlikely situations, but unfortunately there's little to no visibility into which students cannot come up with the necessary funds. This makes a need-based financial aid system extraordinarily difficult. Over the past couple years the school fears that many talented students aren't sitting for Abaarso's entry examination for financial reasons. Accordingly, Abaarso is now working on scholarships such as this one so every student in Somaliland knows they have a real chance.


Funding the top female student to attend Abaarso should open up opportunities to her that otherwise cannot be attained in Somaliland. This will have an enormous impact on her, her family, and ultimately her country. Further, such a scholarship will further push the female education drive already started in Somaliland. Abaarso's previous female students have showed Somali families that great things can be expected from their daughters, and this scholarship recipient will also carry that flag.

Team Credentials

Abaarso is led by a strong management team consisting of highly educated Americans. The head of the organization works without salary and the staff receive only a small stipend. Staff are "paid" in satisfaction.