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  • Fifty Dollars Campaign: exhibition week highlights and thoughts (part 1)

    All the hard work from the Givology team and artist Jiashan Wu for the Fifty Dollars Campaign became realized this past week during our exhibition in New York City (March 26th – April 1st). The experience touched the lives of locals in New York, friends, and strangers visiting from abroad. For me personally, it is one that I will always hold close to heart. The final weeks before the show were filled with late nights on skype and persistent reach out by all to friends, businesses, influential people, the press, and local food stores. Members of our Penn team trekked up to Station Gallery, where the exhibition was held, the week before the show and spent hours helping to prepare the space for presentation. The stories I have should be coupled with theirs, because it was collaboration that made this show happen. The week of the show can be defined by the sights and sounds of metropolis, taxis advertising the movie "kick ass", reed instruments and drums played in subway stati...