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Update from Shangwen: Summer 2010

Below is an update from Shangwen. Please send your messages of encouragement, especially with regard to Shangwen's struggles in science class.


Dear Givology:

How are you? I am so glad to receive your letters. Thank you so much for your concern about me and my family.

My school life: since the last quarter of 10th grade, I got really bad at Physics. I've tried really hard since but I haven’t got any better at Physics as a 11th grader now. Not only that, because I spent majority of my time on Physics, I actually got worst at Biology. I feel that I can’t take care of two subjects at the same time. So right now I am having headaches learning both Biology and Physics. I am worrying about myself and I don’t know what to do: should I study the way I used to study or should I change it?

My personal life: It has definitely changed a lot. Last year our village planted a new economy crop, and even though we had to work a lot but at the end of year we did earn some money. We basically cleared all our debts using that money. I was really happy about this. Other than that, my parent’s health was good. However there’s a disease that seemed to be spreading around my village and everyone was worried about it. But luckily we were fine. So how are you doing?

After my sister enrolled in high school, we can only go home once two weeks. Because of that, we can’t help our parents anymore. I felt so sorry for my parents because they have to work by themselves. But I will study hard as thanks to them.

You guys live far away and I don’t know how to express my thanks to you. I only can give you my best wishes.

Shangwen Zhang

June 6, 2010

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