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Update from Shangwen

Dear Uncles and Aunts,

Hello! I'm Shangwen Zhang, a Peach Foundation student attending Yanyuan Nationality Middle School. Thank you for supporting and helping me.

Before finding out about the Peach Foundation, I really didn't know what to do! Because before, having to raise both a high school student and a middle school student (my younger sister) was really like pouring oil onto a fire. When I was in third grade, I once got so sick that I had to stay in the hospital. What gave Mom and Dad the biggest headache was the problem of paying for my medicine. But they were not the least bit hesitant to spend the family's savings to ensure I got better, and they also borrowed a good amount of money from some close friends. In the end they were able to snatch me back from the hands of that monster of an illness. Because the family is so poor, my dad had no choice but to leave our village to find work. As a result, the family's farmwork depends entirely on one person, my mom. When I was in seventh grade my mom also fell sick, and this situation really made me want to break down and cry. But when I came across the Peach Foundation, it was really like what Aunt Zheng once said: "Heaven is fair to everyone."

Now that I'm done explaining my family's situation, let me now talk about my life at school!

At school, my teachers are very good to me. All of us students help each other out and get along very well. Right now my favorite classes are English and math? but my grades in these two classes aren't ideal, so I'm determined to study these two subjects very well. Because I've been worried about my school work I haven't participated in any other extracurricular activities, which I really regret.

Oh right, there is one other thing: Now my mom's health is already better, but there is still some farm work that she can't do. Thank you for caring about my mother - when she hears about it, she will definitely be very happy. Now I'd really like to become a doctor, to help more people relieve their pain.

I've heard that the financial crisis has had a particularly serious impact on the United States. I hope none of your companies have been hit too hard!

I wish each of you aunts and uncles:

-good health
-that everything at work is going smoothly
-and all the best.

-Shangwen Zhang

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