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Originally constructed ten years ago, the school in the rural village of Solo in Mali, West Africa has severely deteriorated due to lack of quality structural supplies and the abuse of harsh weather conditions. The building was built with mud bricks covered by a thin layer of cement. The cement on the floors and ceilings is beginning to crack and break, and in one classroom the broken concrete has left a large hole in the floor, leaving the classroom unusable if the ground is wet from rain. Another classroom has a make-shift roof of poor-quality tin that leaks during the rainy season. The tin roof needs to be replaced by a durable cement roof and the floors are in need of durable cement to prevent cracking and flooding.


The Ouelessebougou Alliance originally built the school in the village of Solo in 1999. At that time there were no schools in the village, thus almost no Solo villagers had received any formal education. For the past ten years, the OA has been providing quality education for elementary-aged children in the village. The OA’s impact on village education is evident in increased scores on the national exams—scores have increased by 24% since 2006 and trends continue to show positive change. This year 181 students attend the Alliance school—109 boys and 72 girls in a region where girls were formally excluded from attending school. The school in Solo is led by two village teachers, Adama Samake and Kangue Sanogo, who receive annual training and school supplies through the OA.


A clean and safe learning environment for the students of Solo will result in better quality education. As the children receive a quality education in a secure environment, they will be better equipped to improve conditions for their families and throughout the village. A quality education, even of elementary level, can provide students with greater opportunities for self improvement and community development.

Team Credentials

- Anounou Sissoko- field director

Anounou has a Masters degree in International Trade and has been with the Alliance since 2001. He works directly with the villagers of Solo to ensure that they are involved with the planning, implementation, and evaluation of all village projects

- Boubakar Kone- Education Coordinator

Boubakar helps coordinate the educational needs with the project plans. He works directly with the teachers to make sure that all education projects are focused on the important needs of the students. He has been the education coordinator for the Alliance since 2000.

- Moussa Togo- Construction Coordinator

Moussa works with the villagers to ensure that all construction projects are performed safely and efficiently and organizes the use of materials. Moussa has been with the Alliance for 15 years.


  • Update from the Solo School!

    The Solo School continues to provide education to over 180 students in Solo. Teachers recently participated in training programs to help them better teach in Bambara and French, the two languages spoken in the village. They also received training in literacy teaching. Due to the ongoing construction, many teachers have moved their classes outside, as seen in this picture: The School has also shared an interview of one of their students with Givology. The student's name is Drissa Bagayogo, and he is 12 years old. Below is his picture followed by the text of his interview. "Hi, my name is Drissa Bagoyogo and I live in a village called Solo. I am 12 years old and I have a younger brother. My favorite color is yellow and my favorite sport is soccer. "In school I like to learn math, although I don't like division very much. School is important to help me get a job and I like it because I know how to read. "I have some pet sheep and my chores include getting water e...