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5 Things You Need in the Best Video Camera Vibrator

Masturbation is an excellent way to [b]unwind and release tension.[/b]

However, how effective it is depends on how you do it…

So it’s a skill to some extent. And there are so many ways to optimize that experience.

Today, we’ll talk about masturbating for women. And specifically, we’ll mention 5 tips on making the experience more pleasurable!

#1 – Control the Room’s Lighting. Lower lighting makes the experience discreet.

It’s actually relaxing that way. Because you pick up less sensory information. So, you can focus more on your bodily sensations.
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[b][u]How Low Should the Lighting Be?[/u][/b]
As low as you feel comfortable. If you feel terrified of total darkness, you can avoid that.

However, we recommend pushing past that barrier and testing that limit.

And if you need a little light, you can use the one [b]by your bedside table.[/b] But just dim it a little bit…

And speaking of bedsides…

#2 – Do it in Bed. And you do so for a few reasons.

First, it’s relaxing for your body. You get to lay down on a mattress (or pillows), giving you strong but soft support.

And second, it feels more natural that way. And you take the atmosphere of sex with you.

[b][u]Avoid Bathrooms, Hard Chairs, Etc.[/u][/b]
Those options limit your space.

In a bathroom, you don’t have much room to move around. And the same applies in a hard chair…

However, in bed, you have much more space. You don’t feel restricted, and so your muscles can fully express themselves as you masturbate.

[b][u]But What if I Don’t Like Laying Down?[/u][/b]
Then there are other ways to optimize your experience. And that would be…

#3 – Try Different Positions. You don’t have to masturbate sitting down or on your back.

You can try different positions too!

In fact, you can mimic some sexual positions that you like. You try sideways, a doggy style, or whatever suits you!

[b][u]The Advantage of Different Positions.[/u][/b]
It gives more variety to the experience.

And you don’t have to be that innovative either. Just find the positions comfortable to you, and try them out!

#4 – Pick a Good Vibrator. A good vibrator is an important part of the experience.

If you use one that’s too weak, it won’t be pleasurable. And one that vibrates too much doesn’t give you control over the experience…

[b][u]What to Look For.[/u][/b]
Find a vibrator that gives you many speed/vibration options.

This lets you start of slow, and slowly increase the intensity. It lets you build up the tension, for a nice release at the end.

Also, make sure the vibrator is rechargeable. It should have multiple recharge options, making them active anywhere.

And let’s not forget the obvious long-life of the battery. A longer life battery is stronger, and it gives you those speed/vibration options we recommended.

[b][u]Another Odd Suggestion…[/u][/b]
Why not find a vibrator with camera?

That’s an odd tool to use, we admit. But a vibrator with camera adds a nice touch to your masturbatory experience.

In fact…

#5 – Make it More Social. Why not use a camera vibrator to record yourself?

You can record for two reasons. First, you can turn it into a nice video to post online…

After all, you might be someone who likes posting online sexual videos of themselves.

The second thing you can do is [b]record for later watching.[/b] A camera vibrator lets you do that, especially if it has a selfie function.

[b][u]A Selfie Camera Vibrator?[/u][/b]
Absolutely, why not?

You know how hard it is to record a sexual video?

You need to position a camera, do an act within a specific space (and sometimes) move the camera.

But a [url=https://www.beyourlover.com/svakom-siime-video-camera-vibrator-the-world-s-first-internal-vibe-camera-vibrator-for-women.html]vibrator with camera[/url] solves those problems. You can control your camera, and masturbate at the same time!

So Where Do I Get One? You can do so on Amazon. And we have a special recommendation for you…

Why not try [b][i][u][url=https://www.beyourlover.com/svakom-siime-eye-camera-vibrator-rechargeable-waterproof-intelligent-multi-speed-wireless-app-controlled-camera-vibrator.html]Svakom Siime Eye Selfie Stick HD Camera Vibrator[/url][/u][/i][/b][i]?[/i]
[i] [/i]
This product fits the bill, with all the previous advantages we mentioned.

You can use it for a good masturbatory experience, while making a nice recording too!

Be sure to check out the product, and get it now!

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