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Is The Wahl Beard Trimmer Right For You?

When looking to maintain a beard most men are looking to have a trimmer that is fast, reliable and easy to use, if this is what you are looking for you may want to take a look at a Wahl beard trimmer. The Wahl Company has been in the trimmer business since 1920 so they are well respected experts in the market.

With over 100 models to choose from, Wahl is in impressive choice for your beard trimmer
[b]Features Offered By the Wahl Beard Trimmer[/b]

Wahl offers several types of models for you to choice from. All of them offer you the ability to set your own settings. The settings can range from the stubble growth setting which keeps your beard looking like a two day growth or up to a cutting of 1/2 inch. With up to six different settings you can easily keep the desired beard length very easily.

One unique selling feature of the Wahl beard trimmer is that some of the models offer the ability to reach virtually any angle. This is done by having the head of the unit rotate. You will get a full 180 degrees of rotation which gives you the ability to reach and properly groom those places that are often hard to maneuver to.

A Wahl beard trimmer is easy to operate. These models can be used as a cordless trimmer or you can plug them into a power supply. They are light weight and easy to hold and operate. The models available can be found in a chrome finish or there is one model that is available with a small pattern of leaves on it.

[b]Tips for Optimizing Your Trimmer[/b]

Wahl also offers a tip when using your [b][url=]beard trimmer[/url][/b]. For Example, in order to extend the battery life you should, once each month, let the battery completely go dead. You can do this by place the trimmer on a safe surface and leaving it turn on until it goes completely dead. Then place the unit on charge for a minimum of eight hours. Doing this will allow your battery to have a full charge each month and extend the life of the batteries.

Another piece of advice for keeping your Wahl beard trimmer operating at its highest potential is to oil the trimmer each day. You should use 2 or three drops of Wahl oil along the top blade. It is recommended that you only use Wahl oil because other brands may become gummed up and prohibit the unit from working properly. Make sure that when you do oil your unit that the oil is not allowed to enter the motor compartment.

Finding a Wahl beard trimmer that will work best for you should not be that difficult. They are sold at all major department stores such as Wal-Mart and Target. You can also find them online either through Amazon or Wahl offers you away to purchase them directly. No matter which way you chose to go you should be able to find a Wahl beard trimmer that will work perfectly to help you keep your beard looking nice and well groomed.

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