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Updates from Sheed

There are two teachers working in SHEED School - Ms. Alia and Ms. Sania. Updates from Sheed are appropriate for the work that both teachers have done.

Total Salary per of each school teacher Rs. 9000/. We can only provide Rs.6000/ month per teacher. SHEED Society provided an amount of Rs.3000/month to each teacher for the period of nine months from Givology funds. These teachers not only teach at SHEED’s school but they also provide support, sometimes subsidizing tuition for the children, so that they can continue their education.

The assistance from Givology helped the SHEED Society to retain the qualified teachers to offer the quality education for children of the sex workers. During the reporting period (April-Dec 2010), 43 (31 girls and 12 boys) out of school children of the sex workers were enrolled in the SHEED School and they were given non-formal education. SHEED’s teachers helped these students to complete their course of basics in English, Urdu, Mathematics, History and Islamic studies.

At school, the teachers also helped the children to learn the drawing and use of the various learning material. This is pertinent to mention that 13 children enrolled in the Non Formal Education (NFE) school of SHEED got admission in the government and other private schools and thus they have been mainstreamed in the formal education system. All the children were also provided some support in form of tuition by teachers so that they can continue their education and get good position in the examinations that are scheduled in March 2011.

Life Skills Based Education (LSBE) is an important feature of the SHEED’s school. Teachers organized LSBE session on every Wednesday in the school where students were given the knowledge about their body parts and protection of their body from abuse. They were also provided opportunity to watch various video films on importance of hygiene, hand washing, use of latrine and protection of children from abuse. All children were also involved in playing the Malamall game (a special game designed in Pakistan for children) where they learned various good habits and norms.

Some portion of the funds were used to assist materials and for the school. At SHEED Non Formal Education school we provide education to the children of those sex workers who are very poor and do not send their children to any school for education. We also provide all kind of education and learning material for the children in our school so that their mothers do not face any financial burden of the education and can regularly send the children to school. To provide the education and learning material to children and teachers, SHEED purchased the following material from the funds provided by the Givology.

1. Books, Copies, pencils, school bags and other stationary 43 students
2. DVD on life skills based education and protection of body
3. Laminated charts of alphabets ( Urdu)
4. Laminated charts of alphabets (English)
5. Laminated charts on counting
6. Laminated charts on pictures of the animal, flowers , birds, fruits etc

SHEED has given books, copies and school bags to the children enrolled in the school and remaining material has been displayed on the wall of the schools that is being used as the teaching and learning material to help the students to learn about the alphabets, name of fruits, animal and birds. Children are very happy by getting the new bags, books and pencils and they are also of the view that it is very easy for them to learn about the alphabets, birds , flowers, fruits and animals with the help of the laminated charts.

Comments from students:

Following are comments from some of the SHEED Students. They gave the handwritten comments in Urdu and their comments have been translated in English

Student 1 - Sonia

My name is Sonia. I am getting education in SHEED School from last nine months. I am thankful to SHEED’s staff who talked to my mother for my education and my mother got ready to send me to school. My mother is very poor women and is unable to bear the expenses of my school but I must be thankful to SHEED for bearing all expenses of my education. I am fully satisfied with my education as our teacher teaches us is very friendly way. I want to continue my education and want to be a doctor in my future.

Student -2 –Roop

My name is Roop. I was unable to go to School as my mother was not ready to send me to school for education. However, I am thankful to SHEED’s staff who convinced my mother to send me to school for education. After getting admission in the School, I realized that education is very important for girls as it helps them to live a good life. At School, I have been provided the books and copies and other learning material and I am very happy by getting admission. There are many other girls like me who do not go to school but they are waiting for help of others for their education.


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    I believe that teaching is a noble profession. In this school the teachers who are teaching those children have proven this right. - Marla Ahlgrimm

    Tuesday, June 3, 2014 at 11:39:55 PM

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