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Getting Started

My name is Stephen McDonagh and I am a new intern at Givology. I just finished my sophomore year at the College of William and Mary, and I’m excited to have the opportunity to assist Givology this summer.

When I learned about Givology I was obviously drawn in by its mission to help make education more accessible, but for me what set it apart from other education focused organizations was Givology’s business model. Most non-profits generally tend to raise funds for their own projects, but this limits the resources available to fund the projects to the donor networks of the organization. This works well for large and well known organizations with large networks, but most non-profits tend to be small grassroots groups that lack these large donor networks. Members of these small groups have great ideas and an unwavering passion for what they do, and often the size of these groups allows them to form closer relationships with the towns and people they are working to help. The problem is that many of these grassroots organizations struggle to raise the funds necessary to carry out their missions. Having participated in locally run service trips to both Nicaragua and Ghana I can attest to this struggle for money, and that’s why I think Givology has a great system set up to provide the vital resources to these smaller organizations.

Another aspect that caught my attention was Givology’s philosophy of transparency and facilitating connections between donors and those that they are supporting. From my experience I believe that having a personal connection with the people you are assisting not only makes you want to donate even more to them, but it is also more fulfilling. There is no better feeling than seeing someone succeed and knowing that you helped them attain that success. I was happy to see that Givology tries to emphasize transparency in an effort to help forge these relationships between donors and those they are helping.

I am very excited to have the opportunity to intern for Givology this summer, and I hope that I can help promote awareness of the need for better education worldwide.

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