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Letter from Colombia

Greetings to my dear sponsors!
I hope that you and your families are well and in good health. Im going to tell you about lots of things that have happened to me!
In December, I went to our country house where my grandparents work. The house is really beautiful  I saw lots of animals, like cows, horses, pigs, fish, hens and ducks. I also went swimming in the river  the water was really cold and clear!
At Christmas, my parents gave me a doll. In January, we went to school. My teacher this year is called Vivi and she is very kind and caring. There were lots of new kids that started this year. My friends are called Valentina and Natali.
At church, we are rehearsing some songs to sing at different services and events. I really like doing the choreography, and I also like going to Sunday School because I learn lots of things about Jesus.
Thats all for now  I will tell you more things in my next letters.
May God keep you and fill your lives with blessings.
- Sandra
*Translated by Claire Neilly

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