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fake ferragamo belt at the macroeconomic level

The United Nations in 1993 to 107 of the world made a comprehensive study of standard is 3-6 times. That you buy a house, with a total house money after-tax income (including decorate) modernize and family if for three to six times, then the house prices in your ability to pay. The higher the ratio, the higher prices.
Second is a personal Cheap Ferragamo Belt mortgage monthly contribution and household disposable income than (the interest rate risk into consideration). This than average at 28% to 35%. If more than 35%, the personal burden, squeeze one other consumption, but also reduce the family's quality of life. 3 it is household debt balance (i.e., family of liabilities, such as car loans, credit CARDS, personal loans, education loans, etc.) and total household income ratio. This ratio cannot be more than 50% from the above network survey, the domestic many people especially the young gens in when making purchase decisions were not measured carefully, flocking, leading to a month for income is too high. Which is all the way the cause of the high house prices. Big room in house while house prices high So, caused by high house prices and how? Real estate development chamber of commerce is determined by market supply and demand. On the surface, not far from this statement differ with the actual. Because, many buyers (except speculators) when buying a house is in incomplete information, asymmetric, scientific, standard, thus expected house prices have been going up, is expected to buy a house will be the value, so naturally with real estate developers and speculators are driving up prices. Combined with the present domestic buyers mostly young people 20 to 35 years old city, there are quite a few of them are only children, grew up in the shadow of two or three generations grow, once become the subject of Cheap Ferragamo Belt consumption for personal enjoyment considerations will be more than their parents did, considering the cost and burden is relatively less. In this mode, too easy to push.
Therefore, the high Cheap Ferragamo Belt prices, other; Excessive enjoy throughout; The personal Cheap Ferragamo Belt mortgage monthly contribution overburdened phenomenon is very common. In the face of such a predicament, people how to resolve these risks or burden? I think there are two. When one is in house prices high people the chance to adjust individual Cheap Ferragamo Belt hold way, such as changed from a large house to a smaller house, by the high price is adjusted for the price of the lower house, by the house of the city centre is adjusted for the suburban house; 2 it is to see if interest rates rise, can consider whether to adjust, such as by a floating interest rate into fixed interest rate. To the people, there is no purchase must according to individual actual situation ACTS accordingly, don't impulse buying. Must be from multiple channels of access to some of the more market, real estate information, and give full consideration to their own what constraints. If the Cheap Ferragamo Belt of domestic consumers to be able to more rational, so, the real estate market on any obsolete behavior will trouble, and difficult to infringe on disadvantaged consumers yet. In the process of transition, due to the market price mechanism is not sound, both factor market and product market operation after a period of time the imbalance will face the bottleneck, [url=]fake ferragamo belt[/url] at the macroeconomic level will appear oversupply or excessive demand. In order to prevent the inflation or deflation, have appeared in the government will always take some macroeconomic regulation and control policy, in order to make the economy back to the relatively stable state of equilibrium. Ferragamo Belt other; Macroeconomic regulation and control throughout; Is refers to the government to achieve macroeconomic balance, keep the economy stable growth, the total monetary, fiscal and foreign exchange regulation and control, the use of tools including economic means, legal means and administrative means. And the macroeconomic regulation and control other Carrier throughout; Basically is state-owned enterprises and state-owned Cheap Belts, namely the government intervene directly in the operation of the state-owned enterprises and state-owned Cheap Belts through state-owned enterprises and state-owned Cheap Belts in the factor market and product market of operation, to perform and realize the goal of the government's macroeconomic regulation and control. From 1978 since Ferragamo Belt's reform and opening up, Ferragamo Belt has experienced five times to tighten and one expansionary macroeconomic regulation and control. Because of time, the environment, Cheap Ferragamo Belt use of tools and experience is different, the effect of macroeconomic regulation and control of different also.

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