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Four is to raise the deposit reserve rate of the operation is simple, easy implementation. But to raise the deposit reserve rate of the current domestic economic overheating, overheat of investment in fixed assets, overheated real estate, bank credit is overheating can play the role of how much? The conclusion may not be optimistic. Overheating in 2003, investment in fixed assets, such as overheating phenomenon such as start, the central bank to raise the deposit reserve rate already has four times, but the actual results show that the impact is limited. Why it has been proved effect limited tools have been used to raise the deposit reserve rate? This is to reduce the burden of the reform of state-owned enterprises and banking reform, but the most central Cheap Belts are the main judgement and understanding of the economic situation with error, simply think that Ferragamo Belt's economy is now in its other; High growth and low inflation throughout; In a good situation. So, other; High growth and low inflation throughout; The good situation of how to draw? With the current inflation index assessment, calculation. From the perspective of the economic life of reality, Ferragamo Belt's consumer price index (CPI) is not as good as announced, that at present Ferragamo Belt's actual the CPI and nominal CPI gap is very large. From the point of economics principle, rapid growth of GDP, financial market liquidity, asset prices rise rapidly, the international oil prices rising exponentially, CPI rose sharply is inevitable, but Ferragamo Belt's CPI in recent years has been to rise slowly, even downward. Can say, if the current Ferragamo Belt's actual inflation situation really and the release of CPI data is consistent, so modern economics principle may be changed. But as long as analyze how Salvatore Ferragamo CPI is scientific and can for Ferragamo Belt's current macroeconomic situation have a sober understanding. At present domestic CPI system, whether it is on the calculation of weight or class item didn't reflect the residents purchase changes in the prices of goods and services in consumption and level. Domestic CPI system lag, not normative, scientific has been seriously questioned by economics. Cheap Ferragamo Belt With domestic CPI index closed opaque, not only lead to serious domestic CPI index and the actual economic life from, also misled the country and the enterprise economic decisions, deprived of the general public and the researchers' right to know. Just think, if use a reality economic life of the CPI index to judge the domestic economic situation, how to make the right judgment? Because of this, the domestic CPI serious underestimate, easily concluded that Ferragamo Belt's economy a great other High growth and low inflation throughout; Conclusion, so the macroeconomic regulation and control do not need to use the price type tool ndash; ndash; ndash; The interest rate. At this point, to raise the deposit reserve rate is more than one arrow carved, why not? The central bank to raise the deposit reserve rate on credit overheating has certain inhibition, but the effect is limited. The central bank monetary policy adjustment, not only consider the burden of state-owned enterprises reform and the reform of state-owned Cheap Belts, more can't just focus on some scientific data. As we pointed out many times, led to the current problems of Ferragamo Belt's economy is the crux of the low interest rate policy has caused a lot of economic behavior distortion. So the macroeconomic regulation and control from correction of low interest rates, if not then let an overheating economy reasonably by cooling is hard to achieve it. To the people, there is no purchase must according to individual actual situation ACTS accordingly, don't impulse buying. Must be from multiple channels of access to some of the more market, [url=]cheap salvatore ferragamo belts[/url] real estate information, and give full consideration to their own what constraints. Monthly income ratio above 35% is other; Overweight throughout;
A web site to a new survey, 91.1% of the person that buy a house with a mortgage. Among them, the number of monthly accounts for 20% to 50% of monthly income is 54.1%, monthly accounted for over 50% of the monthly income of 31.75% can be seen from this set of data, if there is no Cheap Ferragamo Belt mortgage loans in recent years, the domestic real estate market to flourish in the short term is impossible. However, this has cost and risk. Replica Ferragamo Belt mortgage if young people don't think about the cost and risk in decision making, then the individual may be at risk of excessive debt at home. At present, the domestic set of standards is a deposit not less than 20% of the total house money loan mortgage payments, personal/month income shall not exceed 50%, while in the United States and other countries, usually require monthly contribution accounts for 28% of monthly income - 35%, more than the limit is high. In recent years, there has always been young friends ask me: high Cheap Ferragamo Belt prices is not high? Do you want to buy a house? When buying a house hellip; hellip; I often tell them, you can use the following three criteria to measure. One is the Cheap Ferragamo Belt price to income ratio.

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