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Sachs led several assistants to the country, began to calculate all kinds of data, then found that the root of the country hyperinflation is totally dependent on the central bank as the deficit financing government fiscal measures, and the budget is the key to the price of oil. Because the government revenues rely heavily on a tax on oil, [url=]replica salvatore ferragamo belt[/url] when oil prices fell sharply, can seriously deteriorate the entire budget. Sachs suggest, therefore, the main measures to stop hyperinflation is a one time greatly increase the price of oil, followed by the corresponding auxiliary fiscal measures. For this proposal, both in academic circles and government departments to think at that time, the policy not only failed to end the country's hyperinflation, may also worsen inflation further. But, still, accept sachs's advice, Bolivia's President in August 29, 1985 began to implement the plan. First is great increase in oil prices. As oil prices soar, the budget deficit disappeared. Budget deficit suddenly disappeared, leading to stabilize exchange rate immediately. And the stability of the exchange rate also means that the country's peso currency prices are suddenly became stable. Within a week, the Bolivian hyperinflation is over. In fact, from the point of this case, inflation is not important, the important thing is to find the root cause of inflation. If only from the textbook of looking for answers, if only from the surface of events, and not from the event itself and understand the inner link, so it is impossible to find a way to resolve the inflation. At present in replica ferragamo belt, though, the CPI has risen to 5.6% in July, and domestic CPI growth trend did not slow down, but the national statistics department or other government departments do not say the inflation rate of 5.6% in July, but say 1 to July's CPI is 3.5%, and that the current CPI rise is mainly caused by rising food prices as a result, if excluding food prices factors, [url=]cheap salvatore ferragamo belts[/url] the CPI rose in fact is not high, that is less than 1%. Actually, no matter how to conceal, the current high inflation in replica ferragamo belt and the pressure is more and more to get up early is the fact that does not dispute. Just think, in replica ferragamo belt there are serious defects of the CPI statistics system, not food rise in price, can reflect the whole the CPI increase? I wrote many times, the Ferragamo Belt inflation [url=]cheap ferragamo belts[/url] is a monetary phenomenon, same it by the first two big asset prices (the property market and stock market), then the conduction to the rising food prices and lead to overall inflation. Statistically, broad money at the end of 1999 to 1999 at the end of the second quarter from 12 trillions more growth to more than 37.7 trillions, has increased by three times as much; The loan by the end of 1999 to 1999 at the end of the second quarter from 9 trillions more growth to more than $25, up nearly three times; And foreign exchange reserves at the end of 1999 to 1999 at the end of the second quarter grown from more than $1546 to $1546, up nearly nine times. Can say, in the seven years, rapid growth of bank loans and foreign exchange reserves, making money flooding the financial market. When financial markets on monetary laxness, first to find a way out from the real estate market, pushing up the price of the real estate market; When the market began to development and prosperity, a lot of money into the stock market, thus inflating stock market bubble. At this point, Ferragamo Belt inflation began. Ferragamo Belt inflation is caused by too much money, but not too much money will average type at the same time to various industries to lead to commodity prices and continuous comprehensive price increases, but too much money into a strong first or industry departments, such as real estate, and then by these industries to investment and consumption to push up prices of goods or services. And related industry prices, income increase, thus making the decoration industry and increase investment and consumption, and impact on these industries need to product price. In the chain of a rise in price, the price rise time and amplitude is often close to the power system is to distinguish, as close to the power of the government of the industry or business, the sooner the rise time and the greater the rose; And the farther from the power of government industry or enterprise, the later and the smaller the rises of the rise time. We can see that this round of inflation in replica ferragamo belt is the earliest start from the real estate market, the domestic real estate prices rose earlier not only, and it rises big (bureau of statistics data released by the government and the actual Salvatore Ferragamo Belt price rises and the speed is not consistent). The real estate market prices will inevitably drive dozens of associated with the real estate industry product prices, wages and service prices. Followed by rapid soaring stock market prices (initial factors related to real estate, but the market prices once, after the trend of prices completely onto the road of manipulation). The last prices to the weak link of the economy as a whole on the price of agricultural products and food.

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