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If away from the objective, the Ferragamo Belt real estate market will be more and more big. At the same time, solve the problem of low-income urban residents living is an important step to build affordable Salvatore Ferragamo Belt system, [url=]replica salvatore ferragamo belt[/url] however, this is just the beginning, the difficulties and problems in a lot of, want the government to, in the form of democratic decision-making, the Salvatore Ferragamo Belt problem in replica ferragamo belt as a major public decision making problems, let the national people's ideas, so as to find a good way, the interests of all parties to achieve the basis of repeated game balance. In this way, is the fundamental way of replica ferragamo belt's real estate market development. When phoenix TV anchor zeng zimo presided over the lecture hall. Here is a feast for the mind, here is the palace of academic. Yi xianrong, a speaker: replica ferragamo belt's real estate development mode and policy way broadcast time: phoenix cantonese premiere: August 18 (Saturday) then repeats: August 19 (Sunday) 08:25 23:30 -- -- -- -- -- - easy: the classmate of everyone, ladies and gentlemen, everybody is good. I have the chance to work with you today to discuss real estate problems, very happy. I want to speak on the topic of today, replica ferragamo belt's real estate market development model and way. You may notice that, over the past few years, replica ferragamo belt's society, whether people, whether enterprise, whether in the government, the problem more and more attention on the real estate market, why so? A simple truth, Salvatore Ferragamo Belt problem is related to every household we each person's interests. Why is this so? Our prices are higher and higher, let us Ferragamo Belt people, more and more far away from the real estate market. In that case, you think, we will pay close attention to, people will not try so hard to see why our real estate market. , of course, a lot of people say, we have rigid demand in the real estate market, the real estate market is determined by market supply and demand, so the prices will be higher. Actually, this is a completely mistake, why do you say? They refer to what is rigid demand, is our economics said every one how many Salvatore Ferragamo Belt, need what kind of a Salvatore Ferragamo Belt, for example, some people say that 2.5 million people a year, we get married, then 2.5 million people, he is 2.5 million Salvatore Ferragamo Belt units. But if you don't have money to buy this kind of demand for Salvatore Ferragamo Belt, it is not real demand. Secondly, the demand for these, in fact is not the market demand but personal needs, the latter is just to bind a market economy, is to use the price mechanism to adjust the supply and demand, that is to say if we don't have the ability to purchase, the demand for Salvatore Ferragamo Belt is not our real estate market effective demand. We demand of the real estate market can be measured by three simple standard -- -- -- -- -- - people is rent or buy a house? In the real estate market in a more normal, this is not a problem that people are very easy to answer. Therefore, Salvatore Ferragamo Belt rental rate reflects the city real estate market development level. Generally speaking, the supply and demand on the price and the price of the house is consistent. However, when the Salvatore Ferragamo Belt shortage, house prices and rents will rise. That is to say, when Salvatore Ferragamo Belt prices rise, the cost of renting will follow up; Or the cost of renting rises, [url=]cheap ferragamo belts[/url] will also promote the house price rising. In this case, both renters and homeowners can according to their own conditions, choose a suitable for their own is rent or buy a house. However, [url=]fake ferragamo belt[/url] if the real estate market is a completely hype investment market, so the prices will be seriously distorted the economic indicators, cannot reflect the normal Salvatore Ferragamo Belt supply and demand, the Salvatore Ferragamo Belt rents tend to be objective. If rent volatility or in a low, and the house price rise quickly, so it shows that the house prices artificially high. House purchase investors not to rent out of the house and get the corresponding return on investment, and hope that through the house price difference of the price change to reap the rewards. If the house rent is too low, also said that more investors to buy house, the percentage of investors buying too much. For the current replica ferragamo belt's real estate market, because the market just developed, whether the Salvatore Ferragamo Belt market, or second-hand Salvatore Ferragamo Belt market and rental market is not mature market. In such a market, for ordinary people, they often can't make good judgment according to the market information. Combined with the culture of some non-market factors and a lot of people don't understand the real estate, and makes a lot of domestic residents is rent a house or buy for yourself is not a clear concept or judgment. Especially when all kinds of misleading the concept of flood, the domestic many residents can't clear judgment is rent a house or buying decisions sometimes easily enter the market. This is one of the reasons for the rising Salvatore Ferragamo Belt prices and the current domestic. , for example, in the past two years, Beijing, Shanghai, shenzhen and other cities the rent has risen about 15%, while at the same time commercial Salvatore Ferragamo Belt price rose by two or three times, some cities Salvatore Ferragamo Belt prices even higher amplitude is greater than this, Salvatore Ferragamo Belt prices and rents gap has widened significantly. See rising house prices, we have a lot of people always think, house prices in the rapid rise in the past, house prices in the future will also rise rapidly, therefore, if the individual buys is backward, so he will enter the real estate market will have to be borne by the Salvatore Ferragamo Belt prices will be higher, therefore, is to the individual buys into early. And, in these people's opinion, although individual purchases, but you can enter the real estate market through bank mortgage loans. Because, although individual investors to bear the burden of decades of house money also, but the house is owned by yourself.

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