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Our car was hit, I called the police, the police arrived, the driver of the car also admitted that he is going to take full responsibility, and fill out a quick deal with books, [url=]Replica Louis Vuitton Belt[/url] and then to Beijing Belt's ping an insurance company a fee. As a result, although is somebody else's car hit my car, even though the driver of the car also agreed to take full responsibility, finally, the fee of insurance company said, my insurance policy to him, and asked me to fill out a few what form. And I said, the other people of handlebar I hit by a car, the driver of the car also willing to bear all the responsibility, why should I to fill out the form, with what want to deduct the cost from my insurance policy. The fee charged man said, this is the law, if you don't fill out the form, I will come to 400 yuan. He said, "this is the insurance law. In such cases, people handlebar I car I want compensation of 400 yuan. Really there is nothing than the insurance rules more brazen and absurd things! Since 2007, I had already seen insurance is a completely unreasonable rules of looting the public wealth. On the surface of the rules is impressive-looking of people's inte [url=]Replica Ferragamo Belt[/url] rests, in fact is the insurance companies use the power of government to plunder the public wealth. Earlier, however, to this kind of insurance ELieXing absurd sex is not deep. But what happened today, really realize the current system of Belt's insurance what is bad and ridiculous. Just [url=]Replica Louis Vuitton Belts[/url] think, others crashed my car, the driver is willing to bear all the responsibilities. But, to the insurance company, want me to compensate the other party. This is what kind of system of rules, it not only reflects a little bit of social justice and fairness, on the other hand, this system was the insurance company any public wealth looted tools. Someone's car hit me and others, but the insurance company is to be forced to I pay the other $400. This is a kind of what kind of logic, originally as a business principle, the compensation for the bottom line is clear. Who is the result of who will bear the responsibility. But under the system of insurance, the bottom line business principles and social behavior simply evaporated. Leaving only through such insurance system blatant robbers plundered. Also is such a kind of plundering the robber type system rules, home early serious questions, have long been demand for relevant government departments to modify and adjust the system of this kind of bad and ridiculous, but, our relevant government departments is not able to these bad and ridiculous system to conduct a comprehensive review, on the contrary, [url=]Replica Gucci Belts[/url] still use some data to ripoff defended system of this kind of bad and ridiculous. In particular, the report of the 17th national congress, clearly tell people all over the country, the Replica Belts government is a government of the people's livelihood, which is a government that defends the interests of the general [url=]Replica Fendi Belt[/url] public. But from the perspective of the rule of insurance, not only can protect the public interest, and became the tool of plundering the public wealth. Because of insurance rules ELieXing and ridiculous, this kind of the power of the government and set up rules, not only will seriously damage the interests of the Replica Belts people, also can seriously damage the relationship between the party and the general public, damaging the basic spirit of the 17th congress report. Because, a very simple truth, why such a bad and ridiculous rules can exist? Or related management ability is very limited, or in front of the powerful interests conspired together to plunder the wealth of the people.

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