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Ranjita comes from a family of four. She has a brother. Her father is a construction worker. Her mother is also a construction worker and in the absence of construction work, does odd jobs to sustain the family. The overall annual family income is very low as the jobs are irregular, a problem which has worsened due the current recession. With this income they are able to meet only the family's basic needs and find it difficult to send both of the children to school.

Normally, in circumstances like these, the daughter would be pulled from school so her brother might continue. The daughter would then be married off as soon as possible to ease the family's financial burden.

Thus by helping Ranjita receive an education, donors can ensure she will have a better future and a chance to help her family through a successful career.


  • Letters from Ranjita

    Letters from Ranjita to Jack Loughary, Ms. Catherine, Ms. Ripley, and Ms. Yuan