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Harau Valley West Sumatra, Enjoy waterfalls and High Cliffs

[b]Harau Valley West Sumatra[/b] - Time elementary school age we often draw the scenery of the mountains and the road that divides the middle of rice fields. Such is the scenery lokaso Harau Valley. A canyon areas that are in Payakumbuh, Limapuluh Koto, West Sumatra. The difference, which is upright looming down the road is not a mountain, but perpendicular cliffs.
The roads to the West Sumatra natural attractions abstinence skip this one. This area is easily recognized by the presence of cliffs towering sandstone that is home to seven waterfalls there. High cliffs varies between 100-500 meters.
Along the way you will be treated to a beautiful natural scenery. As far as the eye can see, only the green rice fields and towering cliffs. Quite often there are tourists who stopped the vehicle just to take pictures or special photographing scenery.
Traditional grass jelly
Due not had tasted grass jelly cappuccino trend in Payakumbuh, this traditional grass jelly was so.
If lucky, you'll find the traditional grass jelly sellers hawking wares on bicycles. While visiting here late last year, Wego the lucky ones. We had tested the green grass jelly which cost Rp 5,000 per glass. Grass jelly-like grass jelly in general, the seller provides two choices of soup, red syrup or sugar water white.
Harau valley west sumatra as one of [url=]sumatra travel[/url] is about 138 km from Padang. From New York City is only about 47 Km, or can be reached during a 1.5-hour drive. The journey to the location of the winding. For those of you who often experience motion sickness, you should always provide a hangover in the bag. But all paid off once we arrived at the Valley Harau.
Echo point
Point echoes the locations tested the ability to shout for travelers. The natural beauty of the harau valley also known by lovers of the sport of rock climbing. This area even dubbed the Indonesian Yosemite. Harau valley stands in an area of 270.5 hectares. This area is officially designated as a nature reserve on January 10, 1993. Various species of tropical rain forest plants and animals are native Sumatra here, can find when we take [url=]sumatra tours[/url] package.
Harau Valley West Sumatra consists of three regions: Resort Aka Barayun, Resort Sarasah Bunta and Resort Rimbo Piobang. All three have a different character, though the area Rimbo Piobang fully untapped. Aka Barayun at the location there are three waterfalls, one of which was given an additional swimming pool in order to attract more visitors. Especially the families who bring their children as young as elementary school. Aka physical contours Barayun hilly steep rocks make it likely to be developed into a sports arena rock climbing.
Facility located in Root Swinging relatively more complete. In addition there is a form of homestay accommodation to the cottage. Menginapnya rates ranging from Rp 50,000 to Rp 2 million per night. This area also provides a wagon as a means of transportation. If you get bored playing in the waterfall, you can enjoy the view from the top of the cliff Harau Valley. The management provides a ladder to facilitate travel for tourists to reach the summit. Afterwards, you can move on to breeding butterflies contained in the mini zoo, or try echoes with screaming at the point of echo (echo point) that exist in the region.

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Resort Sarasah Bunta is located in the east Aka Barayun. In this area there are four waterfalls, the AIE Sarasah Luluih, Sarasah Bunta, Sarasah Murai, and Sarasah Aie Angek.
fern monkey
Seller fern monkeys which you can find on the road to the waterfall Sarasah Bunta.
On the side of the road to the waterfall area Sarasah Bunta, we will find sellers of ornamental plants. The most attention is the unique plant fern hairy monkey. At first glance, this fern is more like animals than plants. The resulting plume is believed to have a variety of uses, one of which for treating wounds. The trick with the fur burn to ashes, then cover the wound. According to the story plant sellers, never any Japanese tourists who buy Pakis Monkey in large quantities to take advantage of feathers into a puppet.
If you are interested in maintaining Pakis Monkey at home, how to maintain it pretty easy. Place the plant in a container filled with water. If watered regularly, surely this hairy plants will flourish.
Waterfall area Sarasah Bunta quite flat. We can play without having to worry about water getting wet clothes. But for those who want to swim is also no need to worry about the hassles. Harau valley provides a rinse and toilets are located at the front entrance. For those who like the photos, do not forget to protect your camera lens from splashing waterfalls.
waterfall Sarasah Bunta
Shape waterfall Sarasah Bunta is believed to resemble the appearance of an angel who was in the shower.
Each waterfall named after the characteristic of the area. For example Sarasah Murai which during the day is often visited by birds Murai, or Sarasah Aie Angek where the water was warm. Unique, Bunta Sarasah believed to have similarities with nymphs bathing, especially if forms waterfalls looked curvy and sunlight. While Sarasah AIE Luluih water flows past the stone walls, and ends at the natural bathing pool.
Sarasah Murai
Named Sarasah Murai at noon because Murai birds are found in this place.
In the vicinity of the waterfall waterfall there Murai Sarasah food stalls that provide typical snacks of Sumatra weight. One of them opaque eaten with spices Sate Padang. It was tasty spicy mixed. Suitable eaten in the middle of the Valley Harau cool air. Moreover, if the crew plus a cup of coffee Urang typical of West Sumatra. These aromatic coffee with a concentration and acidity are fit, so it can not be enjoyed by coffee lovers though.
coffee Urang crew and opaque
Typical snack in Sarasah Murai, coffee Urang crew and opaque eaten with condiments satay Padang.
Harau Valley Attractions can be reached using ground transportation. There are various options that we can choose. From the city of Padang to Payakumbuh, a trip taken for approximately 3 hours. If you ride public transportation, the cost of Rp 20,000 per person. From there, we still need to connect with Sari majors bus Lama (Lamaksari), then proceed on foot as far as 5 km, or ride motorcycles. Admission tickets for adults Harau Valley IDR 5,000 per person, and for children to IDR 3,000 per person.
For the sake of time efficiency, Wego suggest for those who want to Harau Valley to rent a car or motorcycle. Whatever your choice of vehicle, the ride was enough to drain the time and effort will pay off with the natural beauty that are served by the Harau Valley West Sumatra.

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