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Update on the Children

A huge THANK YOU to all those who have donated through Givology towards the Turning Point Transition Class. This January, 19 children graduated out of Transition class to join government primary schools, these children have all attended primary school in the past but had to drop out due to lack of funds. Several children visited the project in the first week of term before they started at school to proudly show off their new school uniform! This is a great encouragement to our project teachers who are now launching into a new year ready to receive new children into their classrooms.

The class of 2010 were a great group of kids, 20 children caught up with their classes so quickly that we sent them back to formal education earlier in the year. So in total 39 children passed through the transition class and back into formal education during 2010.

Margaret, one of the transition class teachers remarked, “I am so happy that most of the children open up, get to know more about education and are so willing to study and prosper. As a teacher, I am so proud to hear the progress of children from transition class. It gives me a bigger heart to accommodate more children and press on in the work that the Lord has laid in my heart for the good of the children.”

Charles was one of the transition class pupils last year, he lives in the slum with his brother and single-mother who washes clothes to get a small income for her family. Charles was attending school and reached class 7 but his mother could rarely afford to feed him more than one meal a day. Hunger forced Charles to drop out of school and spend his days looking for food. He was so happy to be in transition class because he was guaranteed two hearty meals everyday. Now he is back in school Turning Point provides his school lunch to keep in class, alert and enjoying his opportunity to learn.

We are currently accepting a new intake of children into the transition class for the coming year. We have taken on a new teacher, Philip, to join Margaret and Magdalene. This frees up Margaret to give more one-to-one support to children with particular learning difficulties. Through your donations you have played an integral role in launching these children on a new trajectory towards a successful future. Thank you.

In the picture above, Charles is the first child on the left.

The above picture shows the 19 children we sent to primary school in January this year

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