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Bantam aa crushers find success in a busy quick Pictou the wonder auto bantam aa crushers had a doubleheader on saturday in pictou and trenton your yarmouth mariners. Belonging to the first game in pictou the crushers lost 7 4.Taylor publicover had two requirements.Myles bernard and tyler baird had one each individual.Jordan wheeler had two assists with single assists because of to matt prosper, morgan peters as well as the publicover.Minding the online world was joel maclean. Chris brooker had a pair of goals amongst people with singles going to tyler baird, kirklin murray, myles bernard plus publicover.Brooker [b][url=http://www.dinam.us/air-jordan.html]Air Jordan For Sale[/url][/b] and brandon gillespie each had two assists hanging around.Wheeler, connor maclaughlin, be successful and murray all had one assist.In nets typically crushers was brandon heighton. On sunday morning the sweetness auto aa crushers took on the western valley spartans [b][url=http://www.dinam.us/air-jordan/air-jordan-6.html]Air Jordan 6 For Sale[/url][/b] in new glasgow. The spartans scored with 33 seconds left in the technology race to tie it 3 3.Reviewing for the crushers were brooker, david morrissey and gillespie.Murray had two aides and bernard had one.In goal which crushers was maclean. The rematch sunday evening in trenton relating to the crushers and spartans was intense.Heighton had a great game in nets in which crushers as the crushers won 4 1.Tracking the goals were chance macdonald, gillespie, morrissey as baird.Helping on two of the goals was myles [b][url=http://www.dinam.us]dinam[/url][/b] bernard while brooker, morgan peters and evan ferguson had one.

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