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Glory of the russian fleet part ii The voice of russia world service presents another program in the series in the 1812 patriotic war against napoleon today we will continue telling you about russian admiral fyodor ushakov and his contribution to the defeat of napoleon fleet. Due to france growing expansionist aspirations and the establishment of an antifrench coalition involving russia at the turn of the 19th century, fyodor ushakov found himself in the thick of events in the mediterranean.The possible threat of napoleon fleet to both turkey and [b][url=http://www.stwd.co.uk/wedding-party-dresses/mother-of-the-bride-dresses.html]http://www.stwd.co.uk/wedding-party-dresses/mother-of-the-bride-dresses.html[/url][/b] russia southern territories forced the governments of these two recently conflicting countries to conclude an alliance.In 1798, russian emperor paul i ordered the black sea fleet to join its efforts with the turkish navy against the french in the mediterranean sea.Turkish admiral kadirbey was placed under orders of russian viceadmiral ushakov to learn his naval fighting skills. Having accepted the turkish squadron under his command in constantinople, fyodor ushakov headed for the mediterranean, closer to the coast of southern italy.Thanks to his experience as a naval commander, the expedition was more than successful for russia his squadron cleared the french from a number of islands, such as cerigo, zante, ithaca and st.Mary.Shortly after the italian campaign started, russian mariners also liberated the ionian islands, bringing up a question concerning their future political status. In october 1798, ushakov laid siege to france key strategic base in the ionian sea the island of corfu.Assaulting the fortress from the sea was next to impossible due to the enemy populous army and strong fortifications, while ushakov lacked both land force and siege artillery.And still, four months of blockade eventually convinced the russian commander of the necessity to start the assault. The seizure the fortress and the island within a short period of time became a perfect example of courageous, wellplanned and properly executed actions of the allies ships and airlanding troops.The russian squadron and its expeditionary unit acquitted themselves admirably.Having learned about ushakov victory, russia renowned military leader alexander suvorov said he wished to serve at least as a midshipman in the battle for corfu.For winning the fortress and the island, fyodor ushakov was promoted to full admiral and received awards from the turkish sultan and [b][url=http://www.stwd.co.uk]www.stwd.co.uk[/url][/b] the king of naples. Ushakov moved his campaigns closer to the coast of southern italy, as suvorov army entered that country northern regions in april 1799.The admiral expeditionary forces occupied a number of cities and towns, including naples, thus disorganizing the enemy ways of communication.Furthermore, several months later russian troops had for the first time entered the eternal city of rome.Their stay did not last long and they soon returned to join ushakov squadron anchored at naples. As evidenced by historical documents, admiral ushakov was faced with various clothingrelated hardships in the course of his mediterranean campaign.The sailors did not receive any supplies from sevastopol and also had no opportunity to buy equipment onsite due to a lack of money.Ushakov had nevertheless found a way out.In italy he bought up large consignments of oldfashioned women dresses and caps and distributed them among the crew.Hastily remade, these clothes served them faithfully during all their battles and campaigns.French soldiers must have frozen with astonishment, to say the least, when they saw groups of such landing at their fortresses walls, armed to the teeth and carrying flags and banners. It should be noted that some countries in europe were displeased with suvorov and ushakov successes.This was true not only for paris, but for london and vienna as well.But backstage diplomacy proved to be rather effective, when emperor paul i sent suvorov to switzerland and summoned ushakov to russia.In october 1800, admiral ushakov brought all his ships to the black sea port of sevastopol.His combat proficiency in the mediterranean put an end to france domination in the adriatic, while russia acquisition of the naval base in corfu proved helpful for its allies in the following wars with france in 18051807.But ushakov outstanding performance in the mediterranean and italy was underestimated in russia. The skeptical attitude of russia new emperor alexander i, who ascended the throne in 1801, to naval affairs resulted in ushakov further inability to efficiently serve his country after he was transferred from russia south to st.Petersburg.The russian leader continental doctrine negated the need for a strong navy, making gifted and experienced admirals no longer necessary.In 1802, fyodor ushakov was appointed commanderinchief of the baltic galley fleet, but resigned, no longer able to see the decay of the navy. The outbreak of the 1812 war found the renowned commander living in his family estate in the village of alexeyevka near tambov.He was elected chief of the local volunteer army, but his poor health forced him to refuse this appointment.And still, ushakov donated considerable sums for the needs of those injured.Having always been so faithfully devoted to his service, the admiral never married and became almost an ascetic after his resignation.However, fyodor ushakov managed to see russia triumph over napoleon he died on october 14th, 1817. The european commission proposed on september, 17 to strengthen the european union ability to respond to highs new psychoactive substances used as alternatives to illicit drugs such as cocaine and ecstasy.Under the rules proposed by the commission today, harmful psychoactive substances will be withdrawn quickly from the market, without jeopardising their various legitimate industrial and commercial uses.The proposals follow warnings from the eu's drugs agency and europol about the scale of the problem and a 2011 report which found that the eu current mechanism for tackling new psychoactive substances needed bolstering.Mina andreeva, a spokesperson for the european commission, shares the details of these measures in an exclusive interview with the voice of russia. Lawrence h.Summers, the former treasury secretary and senior white house economic adviser, has withdrawn as a candidate for federal reserve chairman in a startling development.Summers withdrew after an intense uproar among liberal democrats, women groups and other advocacy organizations against his potential nomination.Obama has said he is considering two other candidates for the post, fed vice chairman janet l.Yellen and former fed vice chairman don kohn.The vor spoke with dr.Eike hamer in hannover, a publisher of"Wirtschaft aktuell"Newsletter.

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