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Thank You

Dear Mister/Mistress
I am Puba Li, a student that you have donated to for years; I am from Yi village, Yunnan.
In September 2011,with a curious heart, I walked into a medical school at Kunming- Yunnan Xinxin professional school. These three years that I spent alone made me realize the difficulty of living. The transition from new to familiar made me able to feel the taste of a better life. Now I have left my professional school and have become an undergraduate student. I am no longer that naive young girl, but a strong person who can face the challenges. Suddenly I understand the meaning of the saying: “ After three days, one is a new person.”
After I finished middle school in 2011, I was not able to get into a high school which caused too much burden for my family, so I chose this medical occupational school. In the beginning I was upset because my father did not allow me to go to a high school. I tried to rebel because I did not understand my family, and I gave up when I realized my younger siblings needed the money to study. However, I still feel sad because many friends of mine, who were not as good as I was, went to high school. Regardless, I started my life as a medical school student.
I became a nursing student in September 2011. I am interested in this subject and I want to become a doctor or nurse in the future.
On the first day of school, I tried my best to adapt to the environment, but I felt it was too hard because I am from a poor village and my race is different from them. It is even difficult for me to communicate with them. However, I did not give up. What does not kill you makes you stronger… I became a better individual in sorrow and loneliness. I know if I give up, people who helped me will be disappointed. Under my teachers’ help, I adapted the environment and got first place on my first final exam. From that time on, I have more confidence in myself.
Time flies, and three years passed rapidly. The graduation test came in June, 2014. This means more than a test to me because my classmates in middle school are also taking it. I felt sad for no reason and became nervous. I did not know how to explain this sorrow emotion; however, the only thing I could do is to try my best on this test. The road I choose is the best and we should walk on the path we choose.
When the new semester began in September, I was no longer a shy professional school student; rather, I am now an outgoing undergraduate student. I really want to share this message with you because this would never have become reality without your donations and encouragement. You are one of the main reasons that I did not give up. I want to say thank you; thank you for being in my life; thank you for your donation; thank you for backing me up. Although we have never met each other, you helped me more than I can explain. Thank you.
In the end, I hope you live a happy life!

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