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This project has met its primary goal and successfully installed an accessible toilet at the Ogul School in August, 2017. Our goal is to increase enrollment, improve the hygiene of students, and improve attendance. The Advocacy Project will work with our Ugandan partner organization, the Gulu Disabled Persons Union (GDPU), to make on site visits to the school before December 31 and monitor results. We will also press the district government to live up to its promises and invest in WASH facilities in primary schools. If, as we hope, these outcomes can be achieved we will install another toilet in another needy school in 2018.


AP and GDPU identified the lack of accessible toilets in Gulu as being a serious problem in 2012. In 2015 we installed a first toilet and washing facilities at the Tochi School and sought funding for a second toilet at Ogul. Owing to factors beyond our control this toilet could not be installed on time and was postponed to 2017, by which time the cost of materials had increased and exceeded our original budget. This explains why we are seeking an additional $1,066.15 for the project.


Our goals are clear: By improving WASH facilities at Ogul, we hope to restore enrolment at the Ogul school to its 2016 level (560 students); improve the hygiene of students; improve the attendance rates; provide for students with a disability; and encourage other children in the area to attend school. These outcomes will be carefully monitored.

Team Credentials

The Advocacy Project has worked with 114 marginalized communiti4es and their advocates since we started work in 1998. Our partnership with the GDOU in Uganda started in 2008 and has been particularly fruitful. We have deployed eight Peace Fellows (graduate students) to volunteer at the GDPU.