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Exile From Social Life In Path Of Exile

[font=georgia, palatino]Path of Exile was released in October 2013 as a "clone" of Diablo always online, free-to-play and promising more similarities with Diablo II than Diablo III or Torchlight II. Despite the premise of incorporating aspects of Diablo II, one of the world's most beloved RPGs, not everyone enjoyed PoE. Fortunately, the gaming world as a service allows constant updates and an ever-growing community to improve on what once was bad.[/font]
[font=georgia, palatino]With the latest expansion, War for the Atlas, and with the release for Xbox One, it's safe to say that Path of Exile is a very different game than it was before. If you liked the Diablo II build customization but not the simplicity of Diablo III, PoE was really made for you: building a character from scratch, considering your attributes and looking for specific loot for a specific type of game is one thing in this game.[/font]
[font=georgia, palatino]You can have a character virtually invincible, who releases rays that bounce off every blow you take; you can also be a barbarian who attacks several enemies at the same time with the same swordfight; you can teleport yourself constantly and create a lava field that melts your enemies' HP - most importantly, the game community defines and observes, more or less, what's going on in terms of what's feasible or not .[/font]
[font=georgia, palatino][b]But is it that good anyway?[/b][/font]
[font=georgia, palatino]The factor that most removed players in the early versions means that continues to this day: Path of Exile is a slow game. Not in terms of performance, after all you can run it on a medium laptop without much gagging - the slowness is in building the characters. In Diablo III and Victor Vran, for example, it does not take long for you to get "fun" skills and repeat them until the end of the game. Path of Exile has a much bigger focus in the long run, and while everyone uses the first spell up to level 30, the game's active skills system encourages you to change and experiment all the time. In addition, certain things are punished without the player even knowing.[/font]
[font=georgia, palatino]The gem system works like this: you put a multicolored gem on your equipment, and sometimes this gem contains a skill. The more you fight, the stronger this ability gets. Fortunately, gem weighting is optional because they have attribute requirements. If you equip a fire gem that will require more than you have for Intelligence, for example, you simply will not be able to raise its level. That means if you use equipment that increases your Intelligence, equip the gem, and then discontinue use, you will not be able to use the gem as well. If it sounds complicated now, it's because it's not much simpler in the game itself.[/font]
[font=georgia, palatino]This complication should be natural because the game is so open and free when it comes to building characters, but the truth is that some elements of the game are complicated just to be obtuse. As it is always online, the connection drops are a real stone in the shoe: you waste time, you have to go back to the city, and when you are solving a puzzle, things get even more annoying. as one of the most professional online store which glad to share more Path of Exile News and cheap [color=#ff0000][i][url=][color=#ff0000][b]PoE items for sale[/b][/color][/url][/i][/color] with instant delivery.[/font]
[font=georgia, palatino]Still, it's good to see that Path of Exile is so dedicated to delivering a complete experience. Even for those who just want to feel powerful, it is possible to play if you have the patience. But if you're not that kind, and you'd rather play as if you were a traditional RPG, there are puzzles, explorations and a completely meaningless story, but you get richer with each update.[/font]
[font=georgia, palatino][b]Investment[/b][/font]
[font=georgia, palatino]As it is a free-to-play game, you will not spend anything to "just" play in addition to your time. Grinding Gear Games, which develops Path of Exile, is proud to have a very honest business model. You only spend money if you want, and do not spend on things that break PvP; what you can buy are extra spaces for your chest or cosmetic items that do nothing but show that you have money left over.[/font]
[font=georgia, palatino]Although some players say that buying extra space is good for supporting Grinding Gear Games, the truth is that you can play a lot without spending a dime. As for time, it is difficult to decide whether spending more time is necessarily bad. Path of Exile has averaged more than 40,000 players a day in the last month, and people who play for hundreds of hours are not that uncommon.[/font]
[font=georgia, palatino][b]Exile from social life[/b][/font]
[font=georgia, palatino]Even with systematic complications and sloppiness, Path of Exile is in that class of game you can play for years without bothering to play others. The quasi-automatic nature of action RPGs makes PoE a hobby more than a game, and more than once I found myself playing while watching a movie on another monitor or listening to a podcast. For those who do not like MOBAs and prefer an RPG, but do not want an MMORPG of those that get repetitive after 5 hours, PoE is a response to many gamers' claims: especially that of an ideal successor to Diablo II.[/font]

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