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Path Of Exile Is Strange But True

[font=georgia, serif]2017 was a year full of satisfactions for all action-RPG lovers. Not that dozens of titles have been released, but the Path of Exile released new expansion, making it the most successful PC game of the year. Of course, if you want to consider factors such as originality, evolution, graphics and "courage", this title can be considered a masterpiece of the genre, but the impact on the audience of both has been very strong and the genre could reserve several surprises too this year.[/font] [img][/img] [font=georgia, serif][b]Seven heroes in exile[/b][/font]
[font=georgia, serif]For example, think of Path of Exile, a free to play MMORPG (but really free to play) in processing for almost eight years in the study of New Zealand Grinding Gear Games that is getting closer to the final release. But if you already want to play it now in an almost final version, you can download the open beta client (just over 5 GB), sign up and enter the world of Wraeclast, one of the darkest, darkest and most desolate setting settings since Diablo II. Just the Blizzard series is the first point of reference of Path of Exile and saw the genre could not be otherwise. The view (slightly zoomed), the controls completely entrusted to the mouse, the immediacy, the screens of the inventory and the character, the NPCs to ask the quests marked with the yellow exclamation mark. At first glance it seems to be in front of a Diablo emulo as there have been many in recent times, but just familiarize yourself a bit 'with the game world and with the growth system of our alter ego to notice the many differences . Path of Exile provides seven classes of characters to choose from; Marauder (strength) Ranger (dexterity), Witch (intelligence), Duelist (strength - dexterity), Templar (strength - intelligence), Shadow (intelligence - dexterity) and Scion (strength - dexterity - intelligence) represent a very valid and varied roster to start.[/font]
[font=georgia, serif][b]The paradise of skills[/b][/font]
[font=georgia, serif]One of the fundamental characteristics of the game is in fact its skill-based system. Even if we choose a Marauder to exploit its brute force, we will be able to completely change the characteristics of the game during the course of the game and the same goes for all the other five classes. In fact, thanks to a system of passive skills (most) and active never seen before (more than 1300 in all), the possibilities to build an alter ego according to our preferences are vast, but of course nothing forbids to stick to the original spirit of character and to develop only the "tree" of the most natural skill for a warrior, a wizard or a ranger. If at first glance the skill screen seems almost labyrinthine in its ramifications, in reality one learns very early to understand its structure and to appreciate its enormous variety of solutions. In addition, each weapon and each piece of armor can be enhanced with a certain number of colored gems, which in turn can completely transform the characteristics and also affect some types of skills. The same active abilities can be modified by inserting up to six upgrades for each, for example changing the characteristics of a fireball or an ice attack. It should be said that the only limit of Path of Exile is the imagination (and the desire to experiment) of the player, but the premises for an excellent Action-RPR do not stop here. Even the amount of items to buy, find and collect from dead enemies is huge, the dungeons are randomly generated, the player's account can accommodate up to 24 different characters and the graphic sector seen in the beta is really up to a title triple A also at the optimization level, although there are still some minor bugs to fix.[/font]
[font=georgia, serif][b]Better than Diablo III?[/b][/font]
[font=georgia, serif]In addition, the game world is extremely varied and characterized by different artistic inspirations, with a general look that takes the best from a certain dark, violent and desolate medieval tradition. In each settlement we can also check a bulletin board to see if at that time we can join a party with other players, possibly looking for partners near our level of experience; there is also space for PvP areas, but we have not tested them in our test and we are waiting for the final version of the game to do so. If we consider that Path of Exile is a completely free title, the hype can only get higher and higher. The only optional [b][i][u][url=][color=#cc0033]Path of Exile items[/color][/url][/u][/i][/b] that will require a cash payment will be some aesthetic customizations of our alter ego and any accompanying pet, but nothing that can affect the gameplay or intervene with enhancements or "favoritism" in-game. It seems almost too good to be true and in fact it will be necessary to see how and how much this business model can be sustainable over time.[/font]

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