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Fallen firefighters were in prime of Bridesmaid their lives

Dan nowicki, Princess Wedding Dresses the arizona republic

Prescott, ariz.Portraits of the 19 prescott, ariz., firefighters killed in the Yarnell Hill Fire emerged Monday as a grieving Arizona saluted their service and struggled to come to grips with the scope of the tragedy.

Some of the fallen members of the elite granite mountain hotshots, 14 of whom were still in their 20s, hailed from firefighting families.Another young firefighter joined the team after his mother's cancer death.One balanced his passions of firefighting and ministry.Two others were cousins.Several were marines.

At least three of the men who died have babies on the way.

The firefighters' bodies were recovered and taken monday to the maricopa county medical examiner in phoenix in a solemn caravan of white vans that was met by the phoenix police honor guard, a large american flag and two fire ladders stretched across the street.

The yarnell blaze nearly annihilated the elite 20member squad in the worst firefighting death toll in a wildfire since the griffith park fire killed more than 25 volunteer firefighters in los angeles in 1933.

Arizona gov.Jan brewer called the deaths"Unbearable"And vowed to honor the service of the firefighters who died and"Do whatever is necessary to bring this fire under control, before it causes any more hardship. "

"Nineteen lives were lost brave men who gave their lives to defend friends, neighbors and perfect strangers,"Brewer said. "The yarnell fire is the deadliest wildfire in arizona state history and our nation's deadliest in 80 years.To friends and family of those lost yesterday(Sunday), I know we can never fully repay the sacrifices made by your loved ones. "

The deaths prompted a dramatic public outpouring around the state.Makeshift memorials appeared at the hotshot crew's engine house and elsewhere around yavapai county.

Family:Husband of juliann ashcraft, father of four.

Hometown and residence:Prescott, ariz.

Affiliations:Graduate of prescott high school.

Remembered: "He had some athletic ability in him and he was a gogetter, too.You could pretty much see, from young freshman all the way, he was going to be physically active,"Said lou beneitone, who recently retired after 41 years with prescott high school.

Beneitone said athletic prowess was a must for the hotshots.

"That's what it takes,"He said. "You gotta be very physically fit, and you gotta like Where Do You Get Bridesmaid Dresses it, gotta like the hard work. "Age:23.

Family:Cousin of granite mountain hotshots firefighter grant mckee.


Affiliations:Member of the prescott hotshots before joining the granite mountain crew.

Remembered:Carter's wife of six years, krista, spoke about him monday night: "If there was anybody that anyone would want to protect their homes, it would be that crew.They'd been doing it for so long;They were perfect at what they did.

"He loved his kids more than anything.That's what he lived for, seeing them happy and having family time.He loved being outdoors.It was his passion. "

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