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Major problems existed pandora charms: in jewelry online click here to see more info about bracelet charms shopping of china

Major problems existed in jewelry Pandora Charms Shop online shopping of china see results about Pandora Bracelets

Based on related statistics, by the finale of 2008, could be chinese web users has reached 263 million, and of all web users there is a 15% proportion of which have had an experience of shopping online, and the exactly number is now over 30 million people.These information shows that china owned the largest group of web users in the world, and they could conduct easily that the possibility consumption power is very giant.At the same time, the to shop online of jewelry is not as best selling as other products, the above statistics is still hard to inspire the staff who engaged in the internet commerce of fashion jewelry, the problem that delayed the fast balanced growth of jewelry e commerce is not the poor conditions of logistics, travel and transfer payments and so on technical means, but the mainly crux is how to make the consumers trust the jewelry products that sold on dedicated websites"Had to talk about mr.Liu zhijun, the senior adviser of buy sale gold net.At this moment, although lots of businesses claimed in their product descriptions they have a variety of certificates, but for the present the use of these vouchers is than normative, notably the certificate for diamonds is mixed and confused, mot of diamond jewelry shopped online come with international english certificate, but a lot of point certificates entered china were not get their pass through the diamond exchange, and if consumers bought these gold through the web, just in case of problems to the shopping, whose rights and interests are unattainable a safeguard.In addition, the lack of after sales service is and a major problem that existed in the shopping on the web of jewelry.Some jewelry companies and sellers are still far away from providing adequate post sales service and quality assurance, and a poor ability use a satisfied service of maintenance and exchanging refunding.

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